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As you may have noticed, the Ryxhodian Archives were taken down. I do plan to repost (I've edited it) and in fact I have two chapters written already, but when they'll reach here I don't know. It'll move slower than it at first did, that being because it is to be a novel and not a short story, so I think it'll work better this way...

In each chapter I will include pronounciation keys for words that I deem in need of one, as well as the mention of where to find an image of a character if one is available. If you don't care for one or both of these things, they will be located at the bottom of the chapter in the Author's Note of a section, so you may easily ignore it to your heart's content. I will post it, however, because I have read stories with difficult names and...let's just say I had to ask for one... Besides, I can't say what it is, but there's something that really peaves me about people pronouncing my work incorrectly...it's a strange thing, really.

My Profile:

Name: I think "Leivyra" is just fine here! :D

Username Meaning: Writing Girl (Yes all, that is what "Leivyra" means...but don't look it up anywhere 'cuz I guarantee you won't find a thing!)

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Height: 5'7"

Interests: Manga, Drawing, Writing, Fashion Design, The Sims 2 (Not quite the Simaholic I used to be though!)

Favorite Movie: I know this, but for some reason, I can't think of it! T_T

Favorite Manga: "Dragon Knights" by the wonderful and talented Mineko Ohkami (And such a shame I finished it!)

Favorite Book: Maybe "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens

Other Places to Find Me: http:/// (My art account); You can also find me on Fanfiction.net, but at both there and on DeviantArt, my username will be Beautyheart18 (I think I'll change it some day...)

My Notes Here:

I know I may be only 15 years old, but I'm a terribly driven aspiring author and Manga artist. However, deciding to push money more than dream careers I plan on going into business or finance when I enter college, and the writing (And art) will be put on the back burner until I have the time and money to make it more than a hobby, most likely after marriage. Because I will be graduating next year from high school, I really don't know when I'll update; things are really busy now...

I am new here as of now, having only heard about this site from an answers page I was randomly looking at about Fanfiction... (I can't remember if it was Yahoo or Wiki...) and I thought it may be a good place to post snippets of future writings of mine. If that's not what this is for, then I'd be glad to be told such...(But nicely, if you would :D)

Currently, I am developing languages which will be spoken by the peoples of my major project in terms of both writing and drawing, and while I use one more than the other two... (Leivyra is actually from that one) I'm working on all three; each with alphabets and quite full dictionaries. I'm not saying I'm writing a 1000 page Webster book on each, but I'd love to get as close as I can. I was inspired very much by J.R.R. Tolkien's masterpiece; how intricate his storylines were and how developed his language, and while it's quite a dream of mine, I would like to at least have a shot at that. Ah...three completely different languages with unalike alphabets...this is going to be a bumpy ride... :D

As I said, I'm new, so I would really like to make acquaintances here, and so, feel free to PM me if you want. I'd love to chat about anything, and I believe my email's visible... (Just no spam, please, or I'll hide it... :D) so please write if you get even a TINY urge to!

I'll post something here shortly, and so until then, I rest! :D

Just Some Things To Note...:

Please, please, PLEASE, for when I do post something, do NOT come here to flame or too harshly critique me based on personal views of my work; believe me, I would love to hear your opinions, but express them in a way that is civil, because if you don't, you obviously feel strongly and I don't see how any retaliation on my part would settle anything. I don't like to think I have too much of an ego, but I do have a temper, and the last thing I want is a flame war with anyone here; I've avoided it all along on Fanfiction.net and I don't plan on starting one on this site either... :D

Oh, and if same-sex couples personally offend and/or bother you, I would recommend not reading some of my works. I have no prejudice as to that, and I'm sorry if you believe it's wrong, so like I said, I don't want to end up flaming you for something... :D

Relating to the previous statement, it would be best to keep an entirely open mind about the subject when reading any work that takes place in any of the following places: Ryxhodix; Kitatenne; Aevéneétoshina (May be referred to as "Vyxterre"), or involves people from any of those places! Their marriages, titles, and overall way of life is completely different from Earth, so if they use a title that you find insulting, you shouldn't; I don't mean to offend... (Si pekotobo éwa!)

My! Listen to me rant! Thank you and to all the writers I've already seen here, great job and keep moving forward!

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