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Hi! You're in my profile! :D

This is the first thing you want to know about me: I wanna write with Quills and Ink Bottles

But that is sorta impossible. Even if I do know how to write using Quills and Ink Bottles, I wanna do it like in a room similar to Shakespeare's study with the candle and the old little parchments. But unfortunately, in this generation pens/pencils and notebooks are the "in". If not, alternatively there is the computer, which is more "in".

Ok, time for the other details:

Name: Just call me by my penname

Likes: Cookies, Animals (Yes, including the predators, not just the cute and cuddly ones), Music, reading, eating chocolate.

Dislikes: The not so pleasant looking animals

I love...

Simple, writing stories is something I would love to do anytime and anywhere, even when I don't have my laptop. You can just make it in your head to pass the time, be creative about it, and write it on paper (or Microsoft Word) when you get your hands on one to preserve it.

I love (TV Shows)...

- Glee, Merlin, Modern Family, NCIS, Disney Stuff (Sadly, not Miley Cyrus)

I Love (Books)...

- PERCY JACKSON!!!, The Hunger Games, any books by Matthew Reilly, Vampirates

I Love (Artists)

- One Direction, Simple Plan, Taylor Swift, Boys Like Girls

I Love (Songs)

- Anything with a good beat, but most especially the songs that give inspiration to stories.

Stories Written:

(It'd be nice to share to you how the storyplot magically created itself in my mind and of course a little blurb on what the story is about!)

Dare's Consequences - My friends and I were having a get-together. We decided to play truth or dare. I would always pick truth since I wouldn't want to do anything silly. We used an empty water bottle as the spinner and there was one point in the game where it just pointed in-between two people and we would spin it again and again until it actually points to someone directly (by then we were like "finally!!"). When we ended the game, I thought of that bottle that kept pointing in between two people and wondered if that could be a rule so we won't waste any time. Eventually I got tired of choosing truth and found that doing a dare was quite fun.

So I had this story planned years ago about two teenagers in rivalry and eventually fall in love in the end. I never got to write it because there was something missing in it. When I got home, I thought about that truth or dare game. I thought about those two points that were stuck in my head about the bottle and doing dares. Eventually, those two points began to blur and so did that story with alot of holes. That missing thing was found and thus, "Dare's Consequences" was created.

Dare's Consequences is about two teenagers who are in rivalry for a long time starting from childhood. Both had grown used to trying to best out one another in school or humiliating each other. But all changes when the two plays a game where you do the Dare or if not its Consequences. They go on a topsy-turvy whirl that give them both a lesson and a chance to change and re-create their relationship.

Ice Cream with a Phantom - To be honest, I'd sort of forgotten how I got this story. Probably it was when I watched 'Just Like Heaven' (chick flick but hey, if it gives me ideas, it ain't a bad movie!). After I've finished 'Dare's Consequences', I had another story in mind. It wasn't this however. Usually, as I plan out one story, from there another story emerges from within it. If you look at the date udpated of Dare's Consequences, I've been on a long hiatus, almost a yea (11 months I believe??). Within those months I've been coming up with stories, and from there, I guess Ice Cream with a Phantom happened.

Songs inspire me sometimes. As I'm racking my brain, retracing my steps of how this was made, I've found out that yea! This story was inspired by a song. It's called "Go" by Boys Like Girls. The song fits the themes within this story, for it's about having a problem and overcoming it. Listen to it. It's by far the best song Boys Like Girls ever made.

This story is very different from Dare's Consequences. The love story here is more of a subplot. The main themes of this story is deeper, including family problems, problems and overcoming them and belonging. It's about a guy called Sam, who is basically just confused after his girlfriend breaks up with him at the peak of their relationship. He comes out stubborn because of it, but he meets Andy, a rebllious 14 year old who is a phantom. Claiming that Sam is the only one who could see her, Andy and Sam agrees to help each other out (Sam with his girlfriend and Andy with her unfinished business). But as they do, they end up helping other people as well, and unintentionally help themselves..

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