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Greetings! I see that you've found my profile.

So... Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have a wide range of hobbies that expands daily: running, drawing, snowboarding, creating languages, researching, bracelet-making, reading Limyaael's Fantasy Rants, daydreaming, clothing, decorating, and so on. I have an odd sense of humor and sarcasm that would probably get me in a lot more trouble if I spoke up more. I'm also a bit of a sadist. I tend to get caught up more in the research for my writing, rather than the writing itself, because I'm a stickler for accuracy. I like the Harry Potter series, the Discworld series (even though I haven't read very many of the books), and other book series (just ask me whether or not I've read it). Anyway, that's all about me for now.


11-4-09: I'm back! I've started a new story, Strange Musings, which is basically where I will upload everything I write for WriSoMiFu. Check it out if you're curious.

1-2-10: I finished Strange Musings! Yay!

1-11-10: I published the poem, The Bloodred Band and updated my profile. Take a look at the future ideas. I'll be starting with the first. They won't be very long as in thirty or fifty chapters, but they'll be complex and long, word-wise. (I hate stringing out a story for tons of chapters. I just don't have the time or the patience for that. At least, that's what Strange Musings proved to me.) I changed my avatar a few days ago, but I forgot exactly when.

2-14-10: I wrote Don't, a short story about a girl confronting a boy who wronged her. I changed my avatar sometime at the beginning of the month, but I forgot when. Chapter 1 of Strange Musings and The Bloodred Band have been updated. I promise, I'll start on my first story idea soon! I have a writing group to focus on, though, and school.

4-28-10: I've had my fun with the unedited version of Strange Musings, but I'm taking it down for the summer so that I can edit and refine it. I apologize to those who wanted to read it then, but it's the only time I'll have to revise it and I'll have very limited internet access during the summer. No chance of uploading right when I'm finished—sorry. I'll keep the first and second chapters up as time stamps—wards against plagiarism. I'll add to the content of the second chapter so that a few of my favorite pieces are showcased there.

12-22-10: Season's Greetings, lurkers of my profile! No, I haven't revised Strange Musings yet. Thanks to Limyaael's Fantasy Rants, I have some more inspiration, though.

1-27-11: I've been writing little snippets recently. There isn't much to them, so I'm not posting them here soon. I've been reading writing advice since I've been struggling with procrastination and getting the words on the darned paper. Anyway, this is really just a profile update to let you all know that I'm alive. Additionally, I've made myself a bit of a vow not to go to FP until I get a better writing habit (and have something to post) and draw something new. That might take a while.

2-4-12: I'm on Figment now. I have limited access to FP, so I've started writing elsewhere. I'm not completely gone from here, though.

2-19-19: Oh hey, hi. I'm still alive and kicking. Just on here to brush off the dust and remove some unfortunate language in my bio that was written when I was 14. The rest of it I'm keeping up for now as a bit of a personal time capsule. You're welcome to find me on wordpress via or . Good luck with all of your writing projects!

Keep checking back for more updates!

My Current Writing:

Strange Musings: I decided to start a new story to hold all of the writing I do for WriSoMiFu during November 2009. It's mostly a collection of part-stories, essays, blurbs, and personal insights. Feel free to comment on them, but this is mostly my way of saying, "Hey! I'm getting my brain out of Writer's Block by writing random stories!"

Don't: This is a short one shot about a girl confronting her boyfriend who wronged her. I wrote it out of disgust for the arrogant main male characters in Romance Stories. For some reason, many romance writers here seem to like them. I don't.

In regards to my poetry: My style with poems is very simple, direct, and straight-forward. I like rhyming, but I sometimes tend to write in free-form, depending on my mood. The poems are not entirely original and unique, but it's whatever I feel like writing about, poem-wise.

Wait, before I forget—let me introduce you to a friend of mine:

Hayley May - She is occasionally on this website and is one of my best buds. We bonded over reading the same book series in school. She's waaay smarter than me, but we both have a lot of sarcasm and odd senses of humor.

~ Cinnia Aine ~

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