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Before you ask: Yes, i am the author of Temperance, To Love Death, Love on War's Front and She Wolfe. Plagiarists better make sure they are far away from me and my chain saw! I've had enough problems with you simpletons already and this is probably why some aspiring authors grow up to become ax murderers!!! Get your own dang ideas!

with that being said...

Crash course on yours truly: College Graduate Student, current worker for the publishing industry and a creative writing Teacher's Assistant at the University of Mississippi. Twenty years of age, engaged and owner of two pit bulls and one Great Dane!

The stories below are my first ever ones and I have many more to come! I was quite young when I wrote them and most of them are in revision, even so, please do read them and tell me what you think!

And again, do leave a review here anytime! Everything all of you do is always appreciated! :)


Maria Lily



6/5/13 pt.1- Love on War's Front has been updated! Thank you all for your incredible patience and I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for so long!! I'm drafting She Wolfe as we speak and I will post an announcement on here before I update to give y'all a forewarning! Also, Check out my poll up top -points upwards- and tell me who should have the spotlight next! :D

6/5/13 pt.2- She Wolfe has been updated! I didn't leave a note at the bottom of it like I normally do so I apologize and enjoy!

...=MY STORIES!=...

Temperance: Princess Caroline and warlord Fang Locar find themselves bound by conspiracy and marriage. For Caroline, escaping with this man was the easy she will have to face enemies from Fang's past and enemies from her future to save her husband and her own land from the pain of death and from the rule of a tyrant. *(COMPLETED)*

Not a trilogy right now. For now, it is a solo novel.

To Love Death: Alana's life changes for the unreal as she finds in the confines of her deceased grandmothers scrapbooks a letter literally telling her that she is the wife Hades promised to his corrupted son, Tigris Roth. Now, Alana must test her own courage, fight battles unknown to someone of her time and walk the same grounds as the infamous Greek Gods to save her husband from falling into the embrace of darkness. *(COMPLETED)*

Winner of the golden star medal of aspiring romance writers in the local awards for future representatives of Mississippi! :D

for some odd reason, i listen to this song when i am typing the chapters in the story! check it out!

She Wolfe: Alexis didn't know that the night her parents were murdered, their murderer, Southern Pack Alpha, Morged Rath, marked her as his mate. Now finally finding her place in the Lycan world, Alexis must face the harsh reality of its politics, learn truths about herself and her family that she had never known were possible and accept her new life as the mate of an Alpha, with her last Harvest coming and the change looming upon her as swiftly as a Wolf.

These two songs fit this story perfectly! Dark as Love and Stranger. Give them a listen! :D

Love on War's Front: *To Love Death Sequel* Garth, son of Ares, refuses to have anything to do with his wild and murderous father, vowing to never succeed him as God of War. Ares, desperate for an heir and in disgrace, kidnaps Garth's love, Cynthia, and holds her as his slave, saying that he will not let her go until Garth swears that he will succeed him.


Smooth seas do not make skillfull sailors- African proverb

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the lights- Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Big Brother is always watching you- George Orwell, 1984

A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets- Rose, Titanic

Courage isn't the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear- Ambrose Redmoon

Also, for all you people who visit fanfiction id love for you to look at what works i have up so far! i rarely go on to update but when i do i love feedback! :) Note that these stories are on Edgar Allan Poe and Darren Shan's Cirque Du Freak! Click here and check them out please! They're rather old...but they were my first written works ;p sentimental value? Old penname is still there too ;p fancy that eh?

anything else you need feel free to PM or email me at

Peace and Love (REVIEW!!)


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