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Miranda C. Cougar (M.C. Cougar) was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana America's #1 most haunted city! So it's quite normal that she would fall in love with the paranormal. From Vampires to Ghosts and Ghouls. Cougar has found enjoyment in all forms of the paranormal and of course love. Particularly paranormal romances. Unmarried and currently living with her parents, she finds that living with her parents allows her more freedom and expression, not being forced to work to make ends meet, which is always more pleasant for both her and her readers. She is currently going to school as an English major and for now although it may not show in her "lazy minded" writings, she is believed to have quite a knack for it.

Being born in America's most haunted city, she's been on every haunted tour, vampire tour, and seen every vampire, werewolf, and ghost movie ever made. Which makes it near impossible to decide where her influence is established. She hopes to finish college or move out, which ever comes first, and be a world famous author. Her current creations have been fluctuating around vampires and werewolves of different myth and legend, she hopes to pull in some amazing ghost stories, be interested readers. Be very interested.

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Summaries (In my Own Words)-in order of creation-:

Watch The Sparrow Be Silenced: Watch The Sparrow Be Silenced, or WtSbS for short is a love story (As all of my stories are, which I need to change -.-) about a young girl who is captured by a vampire because she has the "blood of the leader" within her. She must choose, to love the vampire that has kidnapped her and join his world of the damned, or love the freedom of being human as she escapes. (Completed)

If When I Fall: Rylee, a young monster hunter (Portrayed as a "Vampire" hunter) is spiraled into an endless pit. What can she do, when her pride is on the line? She has to choose to take back Aedan, the man she loved before she found he had to sleep with her best friend for a mission. Even if it was mission, how could she ever forgive him? (In Progress)

When Heaven Met Hell: Sadie's idea of a good time is a lot of sex, some spiked punch, and hanging with her best friend. It's not until a black haired blue eyed pretty rich boy shows up at one of her friend's parties that her life flips over like she's going to rehab. When they actually talk she comes to a strange and other worldly revelation. This beautiful guy is a vampire, and he wants her. (In Progress) (Sequel to Watch the Sparrow be Silenced)

Knight Love: My Best Reviewed and Praised Story! Between her mom being a stripper and never coming home, her starvation, her best friend worrying herself sick over her health, and the fact that she has detention everyday of the year. The last thing Anna wants to deal with is a boy. A man. Or even a werewolf. Walking home from school, she really wished she took her best friend's ride. Too bad. Soon enough she finds herself in the embrace of one wolf after the other. One plans to marry her for lineage, the other for love. Too bad love is so shallow, and is reflected in his constantly changing eyes. So Anna has to choose, be taken by force, or be taken by love. Both at the moment are looking pretty suckish. (Complete) (To be Published)

A Sin In Heaven: Beauty, grace, everything required to capture a man's eye, and especially in the brothels where a woman's body is her only insurance policy. Meet 15 year old Aelitta. Longing for the world outside, free of filthy men, four walls and lashings. Being a brothel girl, in fact among the brothels finest she is plagued where ever she goes by violence and prejudice. Her mistress allows her a trip outside to work off the pain of the lashings she'd gotten for not catching the eye of one of the most prestigious men in all the land. As she enjoyed the freedom and the world around her she found that freedom can be even worse. She realized reality and fantasy were both equally cruel and men are never what they appear. After being attacked by three men and wandering the streets aimlessly she finds a knight in shining armor riding a white horse. Who knew? (In Progress)

As Tides Collide: Garron Marks and Maria Townsend live two completely separate lives. Maria is quiet, shy, spending most of her years in and out of St. Charles Medical Hospital. After her parents death the burden of her care fell upon her Aunt Macy, who never having had a child, is never sure of what to do. A mishap on her first day back to school in years leads to her collapsing in the cafeteria and being sent back to the place she finds absolutely miserable after all her years there. Garron is the school playboy, using any and every woman he can to get what he wants. However when his sister Leah mysterious collapses and he's forced to take a fearful look on his life, as he waits patiently for the diagnosis. As Garron and Maria meet they will find they have more in common than knowing Garron's sister, as their worlds collide, two separate seas, the tides will turn. (In Progress)

Updates and Stuff:

Eight Bells: Most Recently Updated

If When I Fall: On Hold

When Heaven Met Hell: On Hold

A Sin In Heaven: On Hold

As Tides Collide: On Hold

Knight Love: Completed (Due for editing)

Watch the Sparrow Be Silenced: Complete with Sequel (When Heaven Met Hell)

What's new?: It's been far far too long since I've been on and I've become increasingly aware that I may not be able to finish them (There just hasn't been enough time in my daily life and when there is I have several other projects that are in more dire need than my online/writing life.) I will try one last time to continue the stories that are unfinished and finish them as quickly and effectively as I can however I would appreciate anyone wanting to be an editor for the stories that are already there. (The Unfinished ones right now. I'm not doing anymore work on the completed stories until after the current stories or finished and even then I may or may not finish them.) If you are interested in editing please contact me at: miranda.cougar.writing@gmail.com (Please only contact me about editing.)

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