Djinn Hashiba-Maxwell
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Djinn's Vital Stats:
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark Burgundy (dyed)
Eye color: Varies (blue-green-hazel-gray)
Height: 5'9
Weight: None of your damn business!! Grr . . .
Age: Old enough to know better, not old enough to care.
Birthdate: December 26th (Boxing Day)
Sign: Capricorn, the goat (like Jesus, ironically)
Blood Type: I believe it is O negative.
Religious Persuation (or lack thereof): Lack thereof (atheist)
Fav Bishounen: Touma Hashiba (YST) or Duo Maxwell (GW) (hence the name)
Fav Bishoujo: Hilde Schbieker (GW) or Tomoe Hotaru (SM)
Fav Yaoi Pairing: Touma Hashiba/Seiji Date (YST)
Fav Het Pairing: Duo Maxwell/Hilde Schbieker (GW)
Fav Yuri Pairing: Mihoshi/Kiyone (Tenchi), Quistis/Xu (FF8), or the classic Haruka/Michiru (SM)
Fav Genre: ANGST
Orientaion: Well, I think of myself as straight, but my girlfriend begs to differ . . .
Pets: Rita (dog) Isis (cat) Kunou (demon)

Djinn's likes:
- yaoi
- Zelphies
- yuri
- romance
- Fluffy bunnies
- Diet Mountain Dew [tm]
- Skin tight, vaguely slutty clothing
- Chibis of all kinds
- Ryoko (or evil anime females in general)
- Fish (my girlfriend's nickname . . .)
- Yaoi lemons
- The Sailor Moon lesbians/tranvestites/gender benders (ie stars)

Things Djinn likes when she's in the right mood:
- Squall/Seifer yaoi
- Any YST yaoi pairing with Touma in it
- Het lemons
- 3xMU romance
- Yuri lemons
- Depressing poetry
- Aeris

Things Djinn can't stand:
- Rinoa
- Seij/Shuu, Shuu/Tou, or basically any yaoi pairing that contains Shuu (he just freaks me, nothing against him)
- English dubs
- Ignorance

Anicca reviews
Two people meet again after a long absence, but not with open arms. Points if you figure out what their original relationship was.
Fiction: General - Rated: K+ - English - Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 886 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 12/11/2001