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April 5, 2011: I don't know why, but the text editors on FP are being wonky, so I'm leaving a note here for now for the new chapter of Behind Every Bitch. Uhm, SORRY FOR THE WAIT. Things in my life have been a little whack, so writing has not been coming easily. I hope you'll check out the new chapter. Thanks for the people who added to alerts or faves and for the reviews. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

January 30, 2011: Chapter 15 for MR, Take II is out! Let me know what you think. I'm a bit nervous about this one. :-/

January 4, 2011: So, I did post the first chapter of Behind Every Bitch. No one really gave any feedback, though, so I'm not sure whether I ought to keep posting or not. I probably will, just because it gives me a good break from Peanut and MR, Take II. Still, if you read the first chapter and you liked it, please email me or review or something to let me know your opinion. Also, I posted Chapter 20 of Peanut, finally. I'm so sorry about the wait. :-/

January 3, 2011: Happy 2011, guys! So... I just wrote an entire chapter for a new story. Why? Don't ask me, I don't know, lol. I'm debating whether or not to start posting it. With Peanut coming down to the end, and Sharing a Roof on hiatus as it is, I'm only going to have MR, Take II to work on while I do my edits for Peanut, my planning for Peanut 2, and my outlines for Sharing a Roof. I don't knowwww... I guess we'll find out tomorrow when I re-read the thing and see what kind of drabbles I wrote at three in the morning. God, I don't think I've ever written 2,700 words so fast in my life. Well... except maybe when I wrote my Extended Essay in junior year of high school, lol. Also, Peanut chapter 20 is almost done. You'll know I'm about to post if you get a review response in your inbox. I usually answer reviews right before I post a chapter. Oh! One more thing, the story has been wheedled down to 23 chapters instead of the originally-planned 25. At this point, I just want to be done with it so I can start edits.

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21. Senior in college. I play favorites. Ask me what my favorite story of mine is. Do it.


I'm back! (From the hiatus that you all probably didn't know about.) It's been a while, but I've been writing and hopefully, I can get something posted soon. Personal life-wise, I'm in the middle of moving out of my apartment and into a new one, all while I get ready for final exams. It's going to be a hectic week, but after that, I'll be good to go! (7/28/11)

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I Love You, Peanut: So, here's the deal, chickadees... Peanut Uno and Peanut Dos are actually going to be two separate stories. HOWEVER, Peanut 2 (forever more known as P2) is only a continuation of Cadence and Carson's story. The first half has been about them learning that she's pregnant dealing with that, and the second half is about them falling is about them learning how to cope with it and subsequently falling in love. P1 will end with Chapter 23, the epilogue, and the sequel will pick up... after that, lol. I don't want to give it away until P1 is finished. Also, you should know, after P1 is complete, I'm going to straight away start on editing it and planning out P2. So, the time gap between P1 and P2 will be kind of substantial.

Sharing a Roof: Guys, guys, guys... don't freak out just yet! I'm so on top of this story it's not even funny. Ideas pop into my head for it all the time. HOWEVER, I'm not going to write it until I have a chapter-by-chapter outline of exactly what needs to happen. As soon as that's finished, I'll continue writing. If I decide to scrap and rewrite the first four chapters (which MAY happen), I will definitely let you know.

Modern Romance of a Broken Soul, Take II: I know I bitch and complain about the fact that no one loves this story very much, and I do apologize for that. These characters, their story, and the writing for it are very, very dear to my heart and it is the story I take most seriously. That being said, it's the story I am most inclined to write for and its chapters come out much more quickly than any of my other stories. We're getting to the halfway mark for it pretty soon, so that should be fun. I'm looking forward to it.

Behind Every Bitch: I think I mentioned this a couple of times already, but this story is my break from everything else. It'll be dramatic and angsty as usual, but the characters are SUPER fun to write. This one, as well as Sharing a Roof are my break from the bigger, heavier stories like P1 and MR, Take II. I hope you guys will give it a shot even though the main character is an uber bitch.

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Currently undergoing reconstructive surgery. Will be back shortly.
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