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Hilow! My name is Rei. Some of you may know me on as Ninja's Moon or That-chick-who-never-finishes-her-stories. I have set up this account because of the astounding amount of original stories I have that would normally never see the light of day (or at least the glow of a computer screen) and so, after reading some stories on this site recommended to me I've decided to pull these books out of the closet (well, most of them anyway) and let their gay love shower all who dare to read them. (coughs) the Kanji in my avatar means fuck. As in fuck off? Yeh, I was feeling antisocial...not my normal state of being, alot of the time my mood/behavior is like...Hikaru from Magic Knights Rayearth? So randomly happy and then sad contagious. Uhm, should I be posting a physical bio? Okay.

Hair: Midback-ish, black with purple bangs and roots.

Eyes: Very light blue. Like, really scary light. Or pure black if I'm wearing my contacts.

Body: Uhm, fluffy? I'm not fat (as is constantly yelled at me) I just have way too much curvyness for a short, white chick (again, those are the words told to me) I'm 5' 6" and...apparently the earings in my left ear look like Zoro's from One Piece. Only silver. I have a hoop in my left eyebrow and another through the right side of my lower lip. Both silver. My right a random pallet of piercings. No other body piercings at this time. I have a tatto of the triforce. I am a Legend of Zelda fan, Link is the shit!!

Background: I'm bisexual and pagan. GO FORTH AND WORSHIP (or not) THY GODS!!

Gay books in progress

Chip and Dale


Chance Meeting

Not so gay books in progress

Legends: Sirrill's Story

Legends: Shape Shyfter


I'm sure there will be more as the ideas mount but alas, I cannot bring myself to start even more projects (sighs) bear with me.


Danny: "Reii...what are you doing?" / Reii: "(watching gay porn) Research. (doesn't even look up)"

RC: " not supposed to laugh when you watch porn." / Reii "(lao) B-but the director keeps talking to them...(snorts and rofl) I can't take it seriously..."

Rugby Rules All by Ironykick reviews
M/M It's tough being a gay kid in a small town. It's even tougher when your best friend since grade school is the most gorgeous thing around; and predictably straight. Only, matters get complicated when Mr. Straight begins hinting towards something more.
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A boy and a girl, living and loving happily. But is it enough? Is it ever enough? Rating for slight sexual suggestion and a couple curse words. WARNING: Tears are a possibility when reading this short story.
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