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Who said I couldn't wear my converse with my dress, well baby...that's just me!

The Girl~ I am twenty two years old, I haven't updated my fictionpress in forever, so I figured I would. I just got my own place in June, graduated from my Tech School in October. Struggling to find a job, but hey I may have one at Wawa. I am determined to become published, one way or another. I will also add some new work here soon, I promise!! I may not put my newest story on here, so I can get it published some day, but the side work I have I will definitly put here! :) I am also going to be creating a fanfiction account, for all my Sailor Moon fanfiction I have been working on. Well a Sailor Moon/Power Rangers cross over type deal. Yay for Sailor Moon Dino!!

I love my purple IPOD nano...I swear red is my favorite color but everyone keeps getting me purple things! Haha, luckily its my second favorite color and ipod nanos only come in red at the apple store :(. I love singing really loud when no one is around, and I love mouthing lyrics when people are around. I want to audition for American Idol, and almsot did when they came to Philly, but chickened out. Writing and Drawing are the next big thing in my life, and have been doing them since I could hold a pencil. It is my dream to be a published writer and hopefully, with your help...that dream will happen..

My Writing~ I began my love of writing at an early age, I believe I was six? I chose the dream of wanting to publish my own book at seven. I used to write silly little stories until recently I have been taking it a bit more seriously. My dream is to have a novel published and then have a movie based on my book. It would be awesome to see my writing come to life before my very eyes.

Favorite Author~ Stephenie Meyer. I love the Twilight series, and how she puts her own twist on the Vampire legend. I adore things like that, and I really don't care if you like her or not. I hate JK Rowling, so we're even.

Please review my story, I really want to work on getting it published when I am completely finished with it!

I am also looking for a Beta Reader to help me with my story :)

I suck at reviewing peoples work, but I love to read stories and will favorite my favorite authors on this site :)

All work here will be the rough drafts, all reviews I get will get consideration and be revised when I go through and edit my works! But, the updated versions will never be posted here.

In The Works

~The Misha Cole Saga: A Thieves Revenge is the story of seventeen year old Misha, who wants to avenge her village that was massacred by the evil Kayne. We follow Misha and her "brother", Skylar, on their adventures to find the mastermind known as Kayne at his lair in the New Country.

~The Tales of Dragonlady is about a girl who leads the life of a super hero. Has the sort of Xmen meets Sailor Moon type deal...

Someone asked me to continue this story, so Chapter 2 is currently in the works :)

~10 Reasons To Kill Your Boyfriend is about a 23 year old law student attending NYU and the bull she has to go through with her current boyfriend, Seth. Inspired by things my own beau does that ride my nerves, but I still love him nontheless. Aha!

~Untitled This is a story I had just started. Chapter 1 is currently on my blog, but I may also put it here. I am not sure on the name yet, I am going to figure that out later. It is about Seven Deadly Sins and Warriors and Alternate Dimensions. Should be a fun time :)

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10 Reasons To Kill Your Boyfriend reviews
Read the memoirs of twenty three year old Charlotte Taylor, explaining the reasons why you should kill your boyfriend. Inspired by my own boy :
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The Adventures of Dragonlady reviews
What happens when an ordinary girl buys a mysterious necklace..
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The Misha Cole Saga: A Thieves Revenge reviews
Misha, born an orphan, forced to be raised by a bunch of thieves. She grows up being the toughest girl in the village. She always longed for adventure, wishing for excitement. The next day her family is massacred, except for her little brother. Revenge..
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