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Wow, what's this here?

Alright, I'm in my teens like most others here and am really doing a crap job at being a normal insert heavy usage of air-quotes and emphasized syllables HERE "teenager."

I love to read. LOVE to read. LOVE LOVE LOVE to read. And I read really rather fast. Like 200 pages a day or something. And I'm good at UNDERSTANDING literature. I got like graduate school level reading skillz when I was in fourth grade. For real.

And I have noooooo idea how that's going to translate into writing. My cousin likes what I write, but she also liked Eragon, that over-used and tired piece of fantasy plot-line. I hate Eragon. Sorry if you like it, and I have nothing against you.

Oh, and I really don't like normal music either. Alternative mainly, and Rock and lots of other things, just not Pop or Pop-Rap (which is basically all Rap that I've found, but I'm not looking too hard). But now I'm just rambling. Feel free to message me for any random reason. If I'm feeling right I might start a story, but as of now I'm experiencing complete mind-blankness. So if you don't wanna write but have an idea you wanna see used (and I really don't know why you wouldn't want your own idea) feel free to message it to me.

See ya,