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Name: Myn

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Disposition: Ill-tempered

Mission: Scare you all out of your wits.


I'll give you more news about it as the release date draws closer. As of yet, it's "tentatively scheduled for April 2010", but hopefully we can get through the editing/printing/whatever process quicker!

Anyway, y'may have noticed the new story I put up, Eves. I started this towards the end of the last school year and have 12 chapters completed. Yeah, it's shitty, and I've gotten better since then, but I figured, since I'm not doing anything with it, I might as well post it here. Inspired in part by watching Higurashi until three in the morning, it's a story about demonic possession and sinister ulterior motives. If you like creepy crawlies, high school orchestras, hidden plots, and weird fetishism, you should definitely read and review. As of now, the story isn't completed, but I'll be posting it little by little until all 12 chapters are up, and I might add more chapters if I have absolutely nothing better to do.

If I was a flower growing wild and free, all I'd want is you to be my sweet honeybee...

Zeig Heil to the president gasman, bombs away is your punishment!

I'll never ask for refunds, 'cause I know you're not to blame...

I don't care, I'm still free, YOU CAN'T TAKE THE SKY FROM ME!

Celebrate your own decay.

If you know all those lyrics, I tip my hat to you, my good sir.

These are a few of my favorite things

Death Note
Harry Potter
Star Trek
Anything having to do with Chuck Palahniuk
A Clockwork Orange
Green Day!
Within Temptation
Any sort of symphonic metal, really
A Tale of Two Cities
My Chemical Romance
Things that bash Mary Sues
Things that bash fluffy teen vampires
The small hours of the night
Sweet Lolita

Drop me a line sometimes, guys, I'm sure we have much to discuss.

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Pasar la antorcha
Mattix está descontentado con su vida en el camping, entonces él se sale para la ciudad para encontrar a un consejero que puede enseñarlo algo útil. Pero él encuentra el peligro en la ciudad que puede destruir el mundo.
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