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I am Krystal Angeline, and I am a writer... I have been writing since I was thirteen years old. My first two stories were Naruto Fanfictions written in the second person POV. Terrible, I know. I believe that there are two reasons as to why people write causing there to be two different classes of writers. There are Passion Writers and Purpose Writers. Passion Writers write for the love of writing; they love what they do so much that they would do it even if they never made it big or ever made any money. I believe they tend to be more focused on the end result than the details. Purpose Writers write for a purpose: they write for an audience, and I find them to be sometimes so wrapped up in details and semantics that they lose the soul of what they are writing.
I believe you can have purpose with passion and passion with purpose, but beware being solely a Purpose Writing, writing for esteem, or fame, or fortune is a life of writing, that is empty.

Comments, reviews, and readers make me happier than I could ever try to explain. I'm here to share my babies, my stories, with anyone who's willing to take the time to read them. I am also here to show people that they're good at what they love to do.

I am reader as well as a writer. I'm rather picky about my books, but I'll read anything that's really good. I love the books that make me throw them at the wall. I love to hate characters. I think that only the best authors can make you completely loathe someone and, at the same time, make you cry for them. I love round characters: characters who are as real as you or I. Books with meanings behind them and books that I can relate to, are my favorites.

As for my actual writing: There are quite a few things I want to post. I am positive that I am going to eventually post all of the following: Licensed to Kill, I'm Not Cheap, But I'm Easy, and Accused. I am really not the type to post a thousand different stories at the same time, so they'll come slowly, but they will come. I promise.

Something else I must admit is this: I am a romance sucker. I write cheesy and mushy. I love it when everything turns out right--even though this is much unlike things in the real world. I write in my own little dream world; however, when I write I really try to incorporate more than just what I know and what I see and what I feel and what I wish. I try to incorporate more than just the 'two people fall in love'. I think that I am getting better at it.

Flirting With Danger: Full Summary: Izabella wished to be like the characters in her Harry Potter book. She wanted to be magic. Much to her surprise, her wish came true but there's so much more to being Magical than she thought. She's needed for something big and nobody seems to know what that is. how can she save the world if she doesn't know what's wrong with it? Danger thought he knew and controlled all. He understood the Mortals much better than they understood themselves. They were all very simple beings, or so he thought. When Izabella storms into his life he's left baffled and intrigued.

Let it Out: Full Summary: This is the story of ten teenagers who have been convicted of a crime and found to be "insane." "They didn't understand what they were doing." That's a lie. They all knew what they were doing and they all knew why. They all had a motive: attention, revenge, money, safety, spite. Their crimes (theft, arson, assault, kidnapping, manslaughter) have earned them a trip to a place that hopes to cure them of their "disease" (kleptomania, pyromania, manic depression, multiple-personality disorder, schizophrenia). Personalities clash and meld, people discover each other, and they all learn what it means to have friends.

I have long neglected this profile, I think it has been almost a year since I really just sat down and wrote something. Time has gone by so fast, but I am changing my entire life. I want anybody that has ever read anything I have ever written and anybody who is sad to see my publishing has almost completely stopped, to know that I have not stopped writing, that is something that I could never do. I know you guys are all probably very tired of the "I am very busy" line, so I'll spare you; however, I just hope that one day when I do come back to publishing on this site and when I finally take a book public into the word of true publishing, that somebody will be there to pick up my book, smile, and say, "Hey, this looks kinda cool."
Love Always
Krystal Angeline.

I'm full of surprises, so let me surprise you.

Brevity is not my style.
I've been kissed by angels--try not to be jealous. =]
I talk to myself.
I live by Faith and the knowledge that my God loves me more than I could ever try to explain to you.
I am very weird; ask anybody.
I want to write books.
Love is my passion.
I'm a sucker for cheesy pick-up lines.
My words sting, but I'd love to make you smile.
You don't scare me... Just kidding. =]

I am
Loud. Opinionated. Optimistic. Happy. A writer. Stubborn. Sometimes, I'm a doctor. Quirky. Strange. Good-natured. Big-hearted. Emotional. Logical. Endearingly Sweet. Caring. Impossible.

I love
Coffee. Friends. Hope. Reading. Passion. Love. Fragments. Photography. Boys. Movies. Cartoons. Hand-made gifts. Words. Laughter. Feeling. Old memories.People. Psychology. Calendars. Puzzles. To fix things. Singing my heart out. My journal. Animals. Baking. Life. My grandma.

I am looking for the boy who can understand that he can't control me. I am kind of out of my mind, I want him to be able to handle that.

My name is Krystal Angeline, and I'm just as confused as you are.

But now that you've read my facts, check out my fiction.

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