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Hello! I'm Chibi and for all you know i could be completely insane. I'm constantly daydreaming and am frequently agravated by the tiny people in my head (mainly Sharli and that loud mouth of his...) I probably spend more time in the many worlds inside my head than i do in the real world. This could be because for the first few years of my life I lived in the land of Cotton Candy and Pillows. (Note: this does not mean you could jump off a cliff and it wouldnt hurt) I'm a dreamer, a lover, and a caregiver, and I wouldn't want to be any other way...

P.s. I'm now on Twitter

~ ChibiChiisai


Dragon's Daughter: Hiera is a dragon hatchling. Calvin is a dragon slayer who is completely enraptured by her. Together they must find a way to keep their races from waring and foil the Serpent King's plot to destroy all of dragon kind...





and... Sharli?

"Yes, I will admit he is a VERY attractive creature, but he lacks so much in the head I don’t think I could ever grow affection towards him." - Hiera

Catwalk: "I Lisa, utterly refuse to ever serve that horrid selfish hocus-pocus sinister flunky who has ruined my life FOREVER!"

Lisa is a young underground model who is perfectly content living her life of subway tunnels and occasional sunshine, until a young Spirit-walker, Hale, stumbles into her life. Now Lisa has to trade in Lacost for fur and disinfectants for hairballs and come to grips with her new life as a familiar...


You are probably wondering what the hell is with all the evil laughter. Well this portion of my profile means I have come up with some new ideas and I would like to give a preview. DUM Dum dum...

So first thing concerns my current story Dragon's Daughter... After analyzing my decisions for the future of all the fun little people who live in my world, I have come to the conclusion to split this story into two parts...

Also relating to Dragon's Daughter, I have also decided to write a prequel which will be dubbed "The Many Cross-dressings of Sharli Dragonfire" a collection of short stories involving Hiera's cross-dressing brother.

Then last but not least is the new story ideas. I have recently come up with several newe stories, but I'll just list what's going to come soon...

1. My first Historical fiction. I'm very excited about this one. I've spent nearly a week researching this... It's about the Female heroines of Roanoke

2. Apocolyptic fun... Yes, accounts of the Second Coming through the eyes of an Agnostic, an Atheist, and another character which has yet to completely appear to me

3. Short stories of my life... oh yes some of those great moments in life i just had to document...

You Guys...

Honestly, I love it when you guys review. I dont think I can say it enough times... So PLEASE review; I LOVE CRITICISM! Please anything you can tell me to help me improve is appreciated. So Kudos to all of you that have reviewed, all you people who haven't... I hope to hear from you in the future. ,

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My NOT So Prince Charming reviews
I'm you're average teen I guess. I like to watch movies; I attend high school; I have a boyfriend. The only thing is... he happens to be an overlly clingy three-hundred year-old Methuselah. That's the nice way of saying I have a psycho vampire boyfriend. Note: I haven't published on this in a while and I'm sorry, but it's back now.
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Hiera looks human; a curse in her eyes. All she wants is to be strong enough to rid the world of Serpents. Calvin is a dragon slayer who has always known that he was destined for greatness, but little did he know that his fate would lie by a dragon's side
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An outfit can be the thing that defines you, but for one woman, the clothes are her life.
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Creation Child
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My visit home wasn't really what I was hoping for. Instead of A warm cheery summer of fun at the pool, I got the job of taking care of my pregnant baby sister... How fun...
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A one scene play about a Horribly strange blind date... T for mild language and violence
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Perhaps there was a small phoenix nestled inside the petals waiting to be born. Or this flower was the mother or daughter of fire itself..."
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I wrote this originaly for english class, but i decided to spiff it up a bit and pubish it. Oneshot. PLEASE READ!
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