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Author has written 6 stories for Life, Fantasy, Supernatural, and Young Adult. this is my Well.. i have started tons of storys and havent finished half of them (havent we all?)

my friend told me about this site, and i love it. tons of stories to read when i run out of books to read this summer!! yay!

her page is visit! I also have a fanfic page, and if i remember correctly, its /~ashbyrdie i hope i got that right!

I also have a myspace, for anyone who's actually interested, my username is Birthday 13 !

My Characters

I have lots of characters.

Sophie- A young girl trying to find her place in the world... and if i remember correctly, she has long curly, semi-unmanageable, brown hair...kinda reminds me of myself.

Aria- The oldest sister, kinda like you're perfect role model. She is fair, and she is wise beyond her years. She doesnt seem like the type to do anything dirty, or bad...

Madeline- (not pronounced like Madeleine, its mad-i-lynne) Bossy and stuck up older sister. She prefers to be in charge, against Aria, and loves to feel like she's the best.

Macy- Mute little 5-year old who is very mysterious...known for talking about her twin sister "Jocelyn" or "Josie". She talks in other people's heads; it's her only way of communicating.

Allah- A talking Mountain lion, motherly and her origins unknown. She is a leader, and very protective, especially Aria and Macy.

Fox- A scrawny "Oliver Twist" type character, dresses in 19th century london pickpocket clothes. He's quiet, and somewhat all-knowing 9 -year old.

In some of my other stories, my characters are:

Syra- a tall, skinny, pale haired/skinned,14 year old girl from wintry ancestry. She is in a prophecy to save the earth in the future.

Coal- a 15 year old with mysterious origins. He is half wolf and prefers wearing dark colors like charcoal or black. He keeps his emotions mostly locked up inside of him, except for some occasions with Syra.

in yet another story, here are more.

Adrienne- a 14 year old girl who is without her mother, and her twin sister died at birth. She has long, black straight hair (remembering correctly, hopefully) Her arm was twisted and slightly deformed at birth, but it eventually righted itself.

Arabella- Adrienne's slightly scary twin sister, usually dressed in a muddy, bloody, and torn white angel's dress, with bloodied wings. She haunts Adrienne.


I am editing a few stories right now, and I will get some up here soon! im also working on a more realistic story.

June 30th-

okay, new story posted!! yes!


Grandma- "Everything can be good in moderation."

Me- "Except for cardboard."

Caleb- "No, i'm more of a paper fan."

Caleb "Take a shower, and you wont smell."

Molly-"Everyone has a creamy center under their candy coating!"

Dr. Kelso - "Everyone's bastard coated bastards with bastard filling."

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