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So my name's Mariella. I'm not really a newbie here on FP; I just hadn't bothered to put up any stories until now. A few years ago I had something up, but I swear it wasn't good. I might rewrite it and give it another chance though. I live in Idaho. Go potatoes!

The reason I put something up here is that I do intend to publish eventually, but 'eventually' could be a long ways away since I'm only 14... I'm not going to put up the story I'll be going for binding, but I decided to write a new one entirely from scratch for it. Supposedly it's set in the same place that my first story is, but being paranoid I changed all the names.

Writing is my only hobby. It's the only thing I'm good at... literally. Aside from ranting, for which I created a blog. I've been focused on my stories since I was 11, and since then have filled dozens of notebooks with stuff that in some occasions is completely random... I'm trying to get good at the piano but as of yet can't read music at all. I've actually finished about four novels, if you include all the rewriting I've been doing. Book two, which I finished just recently, hit 200,000 words. I'm still going to have to rewrite it. (The only reason I keep at it is because I know I'll be published /eventually./) I'd appreciate any reviews and comments on my writing style, which is what concerns me the most.

-My church. Yes, I'm a proud Roman Catholic. And I read my daily devotions. I'm religious. Deal with it.
-Writing. All day. I write more than I read, really...
-My mom.
-Britain. Yes, I'm another person obsessed with it. I read more of Britain's history than I do of American history. It's so much more interesting. Like Henry and all the wives he beheaded. I'm sure that executioner asked for a raise... (If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch Haunted London on the History Channel.)
-My pen pals. Who needs real friends? Pen pals are so much better.
-My dog. When I achieve world domination I'll share the power with Francie.
-Ghosts. Boo. (I collect ghostie books.)
-Narnia! (The movies, not the books. There seems to be so much more life in the movies... plus, in the first movie Lucy is just so cute. ) Also, Reepicheep made it totally worth going to see the second movie. Oh, and the plot was okay too... he just happened to have the spotlight. To me, at least.
-Gold. I have a jewelry box full of it.
-Music, and my awesome expensive earphones that make it sound so much better.
-Email! Come on, drop me a letter. I'll make the conversation last forever.
-Bill O'Reilly is my hero. I'm not being sarcastic.

-People who can't write dialogue correctly and don't bother to fix it. I mean, some of them are decent writers and try to fix it. Others... I shudder.
-People who SUBMIT THEIR CHAPTERS WITHOUT EDITING FIRST. Sometimes it's so, so obvious that these are completely unedited. Aren't people aware that an unedited story almost ALWAYS includes stupid typos and mistakes that, if they weren't there, maybe I /won't/ submit a review in which there are only grammar corrections? When I see these I don't bother to continue the story because it's clear the author doesn't care about it enough to clean it up.
-All stories that have already been written 20 times by different people. A.K.A. Cliches. I don't know if mine applies as one of those, but I haven't been flamed for that yet.
-Writing description. Too bad I have to do it anyways.
-Rihanna. Can you name someone else who sounds more like a cat in pain?
-That I can't draw. I'd love to keep sketchbooks...
-When I don't get more than 6 emails per day.
-Touching money. I prefer checks, please. Ugh, germs.
-Bugs of all kinds. Bees, skeeters (mosquitoes,) spiders. ESPECIALLY spiders. I'm more scared of seeing a spider than seeing a ghost. Ladybugs are fun to play with, though, and butterflies are pretty even though they're so hard to catch it's annoying.
-My email service. It has too many days when it's down and I don't get any mail at all. Dx
-Summer days that are so hot that I get too sweaty. I prefer winter.
-Global warming. I'm a believer in it.
-That my bookcase doesn't have at least a LITTLE more space... ;-;
-That I have everything I need, therefore when I get lots of birthday money and feel like blowing it I never know what to buy. So I end up buying 20 composition books to get rid of it.
-Last but not least... GEL PENS THAT CLAIM THAT THEY WORK, BLOW 20 BUCKS OFF OF YOUR ALLOWANCE, AND DON'T WRITE AT ALL. What. A. Waste. Overdramatization.

My awesome pen pals are:
The more the merrier, so be sure to comment on my BLOG and you may wind up here too.)

My best friends in real life are:
1: God. Isn't he everyone's?
2: My mom.
3: My brother.
4: My dog.

Favorite books:
1: East.
2: The Sea Of Trolls.
3: The Sea Of Trolls. (Too many people haven't read it.)
4: My book(s.) You know, the ones that I wrote. Hehe.

Favorite music:
Taylor Swift is my new favorite. So she's at the top of this list. The rest of the list is still pretty accurate, excluding the fact that Swift is my total fave.

1: Colbie Caillat!
2: Anna Nalick.
3: Krystal Meyers.
4: Avril Lavigne's old songs.
5: John Mayer.
6: Hilary Duff's old songs.
7: Dido.
8: QUEEN. Everyone knows who they are. They'll never be forgotten. I WILL, I WILL ROCK YOU... Emphasis on the I. :)
9: Keri Noble.
10: Natasha Bedingfield.
11: Michelle Branch.

Random: Bad Day by Daniel Powter is simply too good to be forgotten, even though he's not one of my favorites. So is Dust In The Wind by Kansas. And For You I Will (Confidence) by Teddy Geiger. Probably the prettiest song ever. (To be up-to-date with my favorites check my blog...again...:D)

My favorite authors are pretty much everyone else's -- Tamora Pierce, J.K. Rowling (though I haven't picked up one of her books in a while,) I admire Stephenie Meyer's persistence. She ignored all the haters (like I would have) and published her last Twilight book anyway. So HA. Being a hater will get you NOwhere.

Anything else?
Well, in case you haven't noticed, I like to rant.
That's about it. Bye!


Future New York Times Bestseller, Nobel Prize Winner, and achiever of Total World Domination (really.)

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