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Am I supposed to be talking?

Shit I am aren't I?


My names Mari-short for the worst name ever- Strange. Yeah, Strange, Thanks Dad.

I'm almost at the age where people consider you mature. 14. Kinda sucks. I don't think it'll hurt to tell you my birthday right? 3-20-1994. Its weird 'cuz sometimes i'm an Aries and sometimes i'm a Pisces. I was either born on the first day of Spring or the last day of Winter.

Where I live there are no seasons. Well thats not true I guess, theres Summer, Summer, Summer, and those 3 weeks that its 70 degrees everyday. Yeah, I love Ft. Lauderdale. Its bitchin.

I actually don't enjoy writing. It doesn't make me feel good. It's not like a stress reliever or an aphrodisiac, I just have these ideas that drive me crazy. Yeah. No funn.

Another abnormality, I don't actually read very much stuff on here. Like, 2 stories, actually. I know, prepare the pitchforks and flaming haystacks.

My personal goal is to when I move-Not looking forward to it.- not lie. I'm a talented liar, I just hate doing it.

I'm also the laziest piece of shit I know. And the biggest hypocrite.

Oh, and my freind, Ruff, writes pretty good shit. Check it out.

So... now we talk about my stories...?

First off, The Year Of The Blue Moon, and The Year Of The Blue Moon: Scarlett's Story, are the same thing. I just got all mixed up and accidentally posted both of them. I was going to delete one of 'em but then people started reviewing and...

Also I'm probably going to delete and revise them, or just hand them over to Liz...Ruff.

Works In Progress.

Okay, Im not dead I swear. And Scarletts Story isn't dead either. I just hated the way it was turning out. It sounded like shit. So i'm re-writing it. A complete over haul. Some characters are gonna get cut, others added. The chappies are going to be longer and better written. Itll have a diferent name, not sure what itll be yet. Expect the first chappie sometime in September. I promise itll be worth you adding me to your Fav Authors. Ill have it...

I did have this Idea, for a series of otherwise unrelated short stories in a similar format, well see about those, I am starting High School.

Other than that I got shit.


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