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Hi there! My name is Delilah. Call me Dee. The genre my stories tend to fall under is mostly supernatural. It often also has other elements mixed in too, like mythology, paranormal, comedy, horror, action and romance.

HOBBIES: reading; writing; drawing; listening to music; watching movies; being with friends and family; eating; sleeping; playing all kinds of games (especially DDR); traveling; learning new languages; learning about art, culture, music and movies; playing volleyball and other kinds of sports; dancing.

WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME: sarcastic; independent; odd; youthful; easily entertained; inquisitive; weird; funny; friendly; empathetic; open-minded; random.


-- I just want to say a special Thank You to Always Stronger for betareading the beginning of my story.


QUIZILLA This links to my account on . My stories are posted there as well, but the website is being revamped, so some things are being retarded and taking it out on my stories. It's part of the reason why I started an account here. I'm under the same username there.

MIBBA My story's on this website too, but unfortunately you have to have an account there to access it. The only difference between it being here and being on mibba is that on mibba I have a background/layout, banners, etc. for it. Feel free to access my story here, there, or both! (Same username there as well)

DEVIANTART Links to my art on . I'm trying to improve, so I work on art whenever I get the chance.


Beyond The Prophecy; Natasha was a girl trying to make it big with her alternative band. When she learns about a prophecy that ties her to a man she despises, everything changes. The creatures of the supernatural world want her dead at any cost, and a dangerous man from her past will do whatever it takes to make sure they succeed.


Announcements: Chapter 20, and a preview of Chapter 21, is now posted! [Updated July 12, 2014]

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(07.12.14 @ 10:52pm) Chapter 20 of BTP, and a sneak peak of Chapter 21, is posted!
(06.14.14 @ 10:15pm) Chapter 19 of BTP is up! It includes a sneak peak of Chapter 20!

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(10.23.13 @ 04:11pm) Chapter 18 of BTP is up! It has a sneak peak of Chapter 19 too!
(09.13.13 @ 08:44pm) Chapter 17 of BTP is up! Happy Friday the 13th!

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(11.29.12 @ 02:26am) Chapter 16 of BTP is up! Sorry it was a little late.
(10.24.12 @ 01:08am) Chapter 15 of BTP is finally posted! Go and read it!

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(09.17.11 @ 03:42pm) Chapter 14 of BTP is up! Go read it!
(08.03.11 @ 02:31pm) Chapter 13 of BTP is posted! Finally!
(08.01.11 @ 04:37pm) Working with a friend to edit BTP from the beginning. Chapter 13-15 are unedited but will be posted soon, starting this week.
(05.05.11 @ 10:55am)
Still waiting to hear from my busy beta (she might be going through finals though) and searching for possible betas in case she's unable to continue editing my story. I'm still writing without the help of a beta though.

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(07.14.10 @ 09:37pm) Chapter 12 of BTP is posted! Go check it out!
(05.26.10 @ 10:19pm) Chapter 11 of BTP is posted at last! Yes!
(03.05.10 @ 12:35am) Chapter 10 of BTP is posted! Finally!

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(05.31.09 @ 08:05am) I completely forgot to post the update! Chapter 9 of BTP is posted! I posted it on Saturday morning around 12am. Sorry for not saying so sooner
(05.01.09 @ 03:53pm)
Happy May! Chapter 8 of BTP is up and running! Sorry about the long absence. Ch. 9 coming soon.

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(11.28.08 @ 09:17pm) Chapter 7 of BTP is finally posted! Sorry it took a while. Next chapter coming soon :)
(09.01.08 @ 09:55pm) Chapter 6 of BTP is posted, but I might make a few changes to it after my betareader gets back to me on it.
(08.08.08 @ 11:07pm) Heh, the date's funny. Chapter 5 of BTP is up now yay!
(07.29.08 @ 12:07am) Chapter 4 of BTP is up. And I changed all the chapter titles from "Chapter" to "Track." That way the story has more of a music feel to it :)
(07.19.08 @ 01:33am) Chapter 3 of BTP was just added :3
(07.05.08 @ 01:47am) Chapter 2 of BTP was posted. Hope you guys like it :D
(07.04.08 @ 02:29am) Yes, I finally posted the first chapter of my story! It's the first chapter of "Beyond The Prophecy." Go check it out! All comments are welcome :)
(06.15.08 @ 10:44pm) I finally posted a profile :D I'm still trying to get the hang of all the features. I still can't figure out how to access private messages, even if I don't have any. Once I figure it out, I can be reached there. And if I can't find a betareader in two weeks or so, then I'm going to start posting my story without one. I still really, really want one though.

CONTACT ME: Tweetypins@ or send me a private message.

Beyond The Prophecy reviews
Natasha was just a girl trying to succeed with her rock band, until she learns about a prophecy that ties her to a man she despises. The creatures of the supernatural world want her dead, and a foe from her past will do anything to make sure they prevail.
Fiction: Supernatural - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 20 - Words: 93,411 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 38 - Updated: 7/12/2014 - Published: 7/3/2008