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Name: Well, according to the user settings it's MSG-NotTheSalt... but you can all just call me MSG.

Age: ?Uhm... old enough.

Description: ? Of me or my writing? Though they are similar... But for me, I'm your average 'old enough' person. Brown hair, blue eyes, average height... i'm not really one to stand out in a crowd (that is, unless you know me). For my writing... i'm not your average author- my writing style fluctuates so if you would read some of my things and tell me your thoughts i would love that.

Favorite Type of Story to Write: Well, i love writing general so i would say whatever pops into my head. Though i am a big fan of crime/adventure stories.

Favorite Type of Story to Read: Hmmm... right now i'm into the kind where atleast part of it is based on historical fact. Though i like reading almost all books- westerns and trashy romance novels aside. Those two are my personal irks. But i do like my reading sto9ries to have plot. And before you ask, not all books have valid and supported plots.

Favorite Television Show: Currently it is Bones. Though i am a big fan of That 70's Show and NCIS though i really wont be back into an NCIS mode untill the new season starts.

Favorite Couples to Write and Read about: Temp. Brennan & Seel. Booth, Jack Hodgens & Zack Addy, Jack Harkness & Ianto Jones, Woody Hoyt & Jordan Cavanaugh, Nigel Townsend & Bug, Anthony Dinnozo & Timmothy McGee, Jethro Gibbs & Abby Scruito, Grissom & Sarah, Cuddy & House, House & Chase... think that sums it up pretty well.

Things Done to Clear Up Writers Block: I go on youtube & song serf, doodle & sketch, start writing something else, i read, and if all esle fails i play with my puppy.

Favorite Activity: writing but that doesn't count- so i'd have to say swimming... which ties with skiing. Oh... photography ties with writing but since they don't count i'll just stick with the sportsy activities.

Beta Y/N?: Have i ever had one? Officially no- but my friend does some editing for me. Have i ever beta'd? No, but i'm open to trying. I love giving structural and usefull criticism. But i'm garbage at spelling.

Favorite Drink to be Bribed With?: Mocha Frappacinos from Starbucks!

Favorite Published Authors: Uhm... I'm really in love with the authoress of "The Bone People" - Keri Hulme... I've only got about a hundred pages left to the book and I can't wait to read it again! There are a few others but I am too lazy to go figure out their names right now.

Favorite Musicals: RENT, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat, Grease, Avenue Q uhm... there are more but the point is- i am a theater geek. ;)

Favorite Song: If We Ever Meet Again & Kiss me (New Found Glory verision)

What Age did you Start Writing?: Uhm... not sure exactly. But I know I was little.

Favorite Little Kid Come Back: "Uh, maybe not." - Thanks to my little bro.

Friends?: Yes, I have them. And a few are practically family.

Relationship Status?: That is a tricky question. Which I'm not sure of the answer. All I know is that there is something there between us, but certain circumstances are hard to manuver around. But I'm not giving up hope.

Perfered Networking Site: Facebook. Completely all the way, no doubt about it.

Favorite rainy Day Activity?: Going for a walk and dancing around in the rain with my friends. Specifically my best friend.

Either Or Questions:

Cats or dogs? Dogs definantly.

Hot or Cold? Cold. No sweat to deal with. Plus you can always find fun ways to warm up.

Icecream or Chips? Chips- icecream is the bane of my existance.

Soda or Pop? Both. Comes from the different dialects/slang from all the places I've lived.

Cars or Motorcycles? Motorcyles. No question.

Walk or Run? Walk because then you can savor what your doing.

Rain or Shine? Raine for a time; though sun is a cheery force.

Hand Write or Type? Depends on what I am writing and at what point of the process i'm in.

Cursive or Print? Combo job since it is faster and easier to read.

Tea or Coffee? Tea- which is by far the best.

One Shots or Chapters? To write, chapters. I'm normally shit at one shots. To read, as long as it is well written and full of plot, either. Though I tend to read chaptered stories more often.

Truth or Dare? Hmm... who am I playing with?

Light or Dark? Dark- though we need light to live.

Dorming or Not? Not. Its a waste of money to dorm.

Stories or Poems? Poems due to the proccess which I use to write them.

Good Grades or Bad? Generally good; excluding math courses. Though even those now are not that bad.

Large Group or Small band of friends? Small band. Though group parties can be fun; I normally hang out with a small band of people.

Landline or Wireless? Wireless. It provides the most freedom.

Indoors or Outdoors? Outdoors. Nature all the way.

Hardcover Books or Softcover? Soft. Easier to bring with you.

Normal Cell or Iphone? I have a junk ghetto cell phone.

On Your Own or Living at Home? At home for now. Saving up money for a car first; then I'm goping to worry about renting a place.

Shoot for the Stars or Aim Low? Go for it all. Why not shoot for more?

Black or Blue? Blue as the ocean.

Chemist or Biologist? Both, Forensics.

Genders or Benders? Heh... either.

Last one... Sam or Carly? SPENCER!!

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My final research paper for English Comp 100... it's about the use of a cadaver in relation to a murder scene...
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AP Bio reviews
This is just a stupid little thing i wrote for my AP Bio class... well, about my AP Bio class. And for readers whom don't know how humorous an AP class can be, you probably won't understand. Rated T for mentions of a Turtles penis.
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Why must we go our own ways?
A poem wich was inspired by my ex boy friend and which was originally written for my english poetry project. About events from long ago; one's that i tried to write from both of our perspectives. In an attempt to understand what happened.
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Male Protection
The idea for this poem came about from my... inability to focus on my most recent english paper. And the annoyance at my ex boyfriend... and some interesting things i recently found out about my friend. guess i will have to suffer through my papper now
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I wrote this after i had a night terror, and it turned into a poem used in one of my english projects. Its about a girl who seemingly is running away... but not from anywhere, but to the one she loves.
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WmOuRsDiSc reviews
...just something that has been floating around in my head for the past few days...might submit it into a contest; unless i am struck by more insperation before then that i wish to impart unto the world.
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While my love is gone
Another peom that will be part of my poetry project.My insperation came from a friend of mine and my classes love of war poetry. Enjoy!
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Post Marked Heart
This is in response to a school poetry project, and a letter i recieved just before it was assigned...
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*** Just read it ***
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