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Hello my name is Caila and I'm addicted to writing. I know that is a stupid way to start out my profile but i don't care. I usually write fan fictions so if you want you can read my Eragon Fan fiction under my same pen name Amoneus Ignis on . I also wrote finished a Harry Potter fan fiction and starting my second, they are posted at I started wring a while ago, never able to finish a story and just start a new one, but I'm trying to fix that.

I started Birthright at school a couple months ago in detention. I wrote chapter 1-4 in a rush and after getting pretty bad writers block i stopped. I went back and changed the names of the characters about three times. I started out having Desdaimona as the main characters name than i changed to to Claire and after that i just stuck my name in, because i thought it was unique. Jackson had about 50 names before i stuck with one. I'm writing chapters 7-10 now, writing and re-reading and re-writing.

I don't have anything else to do with my time. If you have any questions or if you want to criticize or congratulate me. Or if you just want to talk over idea's my email is [email protected]. All i have to say is thank you for reading and paying attention to all the not famous authors out there.

so I am extremely apathetic and still I read peoples stories and tell them what I think it its even worth it. I would love to be published one day and I'm writing to do that. My novel Birthright is my whole life right now...that may sound dull but its may sound as if I'm conceited and I'm not. I just want to be somebody. I want to get of of this hell hole i call a life.

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Bleed reviews
smiles are all lies
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On Caila's 16th birthday she received a letter and a plane ticket from her father that she had never talked to or seen before. What will happen during her summer in Romania at her fathers ancient castle. Will she discover something sinister? RR
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something I wrote about the pain of abuse... review are appreciated
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it's about those people who are always so happy but on the inside they are dying....
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Magick reviews
The Problem: Demons and Warlocks trying to kill me and others like me everyday.The Solution: Me and my friends, we have what you and other normal people would call special powers,but we can stop them and when we do good will reign for the next 1000yrs.RR
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