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Hey there visitors o' mine! Thanks for checking me out. I'm afraid, there isn't much I find I can say here. I did not want this space left so woefully blank and ... basically, poor, so I decided to bid a welcome to any surfer by. Hi and welcome. :) But I am not quite sure what you write here. Usually profiles have small, titled, boxes where you write what is asked of you.

Hm, so let's try this in a who, what, where, when, why format, then, shall we? Sure, why not.

Who: I am A Vestige of Peace at your service. Why such a un-namely name you ask? Well, if celebrity children can be Apples and Ludacris can be called Ludacris, I think "A Vestige of Peace" is a lovely phrase to place as a name. Afterall, what else do we ever seek to look for in this life, anyways? From Aristotle's "happiness" which drives our lives, to Rumi's freedom from "the tangle of free thinking" to a plane beyond, to the buddhist's concepts of nirvana- all our philosophies, the cores of our intellectual instincts seem a crusade for nothing more, but a vestige of Peace.

What: am I doing here? I thought, much like everyone else who creates a profile here, to hone my writing skills by actually commiting myself to a writing project. I will finish the story I have begun here, which I have been mullling over and puzzling through and daydreaming about for about 3 years now, even if it kills me. It frustrated me that the plot line kept changing and molding into new ones by the day in my head, so I dared not write much down. I had erased too much already, and lost so much more (files), but at some point I decided that once I started, the ending could take me whereever it wanted, but I would write just what was on my mind then. No plans, no mistakes. So I suppose the "what" really is: a testing of a new tactic.

Where: we'll just skip this. I find that I get terribly biased by authors I read, once I find out where they are from. We don't want that happening here...

Why: Because of two reasons: a) I love writing, especially story writing. I love stories in general, I think they have this rare almost life-giving quality to them. They stick to your mind like nothing in a text book or speech ever does. I think the weaving of a story is one of those amazing arts unique to humans that keeps the stars shining on us (allusion to Stardust). And b) Me and English have problems with each other. Or English and I, I should say. Point proven, I think. Regardless- it is a tragic thing, but I find my talents with the pen more than somewhat lacking. I write awkwardly sometimes, I think, but I don't know. I get off character fast...

SO: that was my long-winded way of asking, if you could please read what I have written, review, and constructively criticize to your hearts content, and enjoy yourselves.


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