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Oh, summer.

I would like to send my condolances to anyone out there has been plagiarized. I'm sorry that this has happened to you, and I'm sickened by all of it.

Posted Stuff

Betrothed: For anyone who has read the tiny prologue and it impatiently waiting for chapter one, I'M WITH YA. I really like this, and the main character is freakishly like me, and I do have a chapter one draft...but it sucks. And my classes (oy, everyone says this) are killing me. I have four very demanding classes, one boring class, drama club, plus playwriting club. I am abnormally busy. Like, four months ago, I had no plans. At all. Whatsoever. Very strange. Hopefully we'll have something for this. I don't want it to die after only a page and a half of writing. That's be sad...

Santa Confessions: This is the play I wrote for playwriting club! We held auditions and casted it (among the seven other student plays) last night. Very excited. I get to help direct. Well, "writer's input," but whatevs. I'll be there helping. YAY! It's about three mall Santas talking about their experiences with kids who come to sit on their laps.

Mind Churnings

The Friday Night Boys: After finishing my scary mid-term today, I got an idea for a story! It would be pretty much about this group of five brothers (the Sinclair's) and a girl that's grown up with them. I'm thinking there will be a set of twins, who are the oldest at eighteen, another at seventeen (same age as the girl), one at sixteen, and one at fifteen. Their poor mother. Anyways, they would be called The Friday Night Boys because in their one-horse town, they are the stars of the football team and therefore the stars of friday night, Football Night. It would be romance, yes, but just life with the boys. So far, the boys are quite a crew of characters.
6-22-09 They have names and pretty much full personalities! David and Danny (the twins, 18), Brent (17), Stephen (16), and Bo (15.) Hemy (short for Alchemy) for the main girl. I was also feeling ambitious and thinkg of idea for stories for each of the boys. Oo la la.

Motley Crew: This is a very vague idea. The title pretty much explains my idea. A motley crew of kids trying to get through their teenage years.

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Santa Confessions reviews
Three mall Santas in a break room trading stories about kids who sit on their laps. This is a play I wrote for school and we're performing it!
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Myrika (18)