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But you'll always be my golden boy
And I'm the summer girl that you enjoy
Some melodies are best left undone


Hey, my name's Lauren :)

I'm 19 years old and a sophmore in college in Ohio :)

I am a Christian, and I want to live out all of my life to please God, so there won't be any graphic sexual stuff or cursing in my stories. If that for some reason bothers you... umm... I really don't care... just don't read my stuff - because if I have to choose between what you think or what He thinks, than I think you know who I'm going to choose :) It's not like I'm going to be ragging on your beliefs and lifestyles in my writing... I'm just not going to be advocating them in my own. Following Jesus and giving my life over to him is the most important thing I've ever done in my life and my life would just be a big mess without him. If you ever want to hear more about that, just send me a message :)

I write because I question everything in my life with "what if this were to happen instead? or what if this were possible?" and writing is a really great place to get all those "what if's?" out onto a paper and let someone else enjoy them - whereas the people in my life generally look at me like i am a physco when I voice those "what if's?" The page is where I can let it out and not be worried that someone is going to look at me like I'm a maniac :)

My poetry is something that I'm really just trying to work out right now, so if it's really horrible it's because I've never really written poetry before. I've always been a little bit afraid too, and I just feel so much more comfortable writing prose.

Loves- Jesus, my family, sad songs, my friends, writing, reading, music, David Archuleta, iced coffee with hazelnut from Dunkin Donuts (the closest one to my college is 42 miles away :( :( :( making people laugh, blank notebooks, sparkling water, rain, Twilight, diet dr. pepper, bowling, Jacob Black, sleeping, TV on DVD, being alone, my room, New York, familiarity.

Dislikes- abortion (actually, I HATE this, but I'm not going to say I hate everything on this list), math, working at Price Chopper, seafood, compliments, orange (color, not food - love the food), tomatoes, people who make hints so that you know exactly what they want but will never actually voice their desires, leftover time on the microwave, cabinets that are left open, lobsters (the way they look and act while they are alive... they taste fine), liking being alone but not feeling able to do this because everyone else finds it wierd and antisocial.

I also have an account on fanfiction.net which I have done a ton of stuff on. It'd be great if you check that out... I've had that one for about... 4 years I think, so I have tonnnns of stuff on there. Here's the link: http://www.fanfiction.net/~snappleapple518

Current Stories:

Beyond 110: This story is more serious than most stories that I write, and I really hope that you take the chance to read it :) :) It's also much more difficult to write than my previous stories, so it might take me quite a while to get it out. I'm really working through with stuff like symbolism.

Coming Soon:

As Blue As You:

The first thing I think about when I see him is you.

It burns me up, because the first thing I should think about when I see him… is him. Because he’s worth thinking about. And I do think about him sometimes. But not before I think about you – even when he’s the one right in front of me.

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