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The "Temporary" Stories. (a.k.a. fanfics written for the band, Temporary)

NOTE: Their real names are not being used, but the characters (Tally, Cori, Bryan, Joey, Vernon, Lloyd) are real people.


The Members:
Tally- (18)(bi-sexual)(youngest) The lead singer of the band. She is 5"7 1/2' and slender. She has red hair down to her shoulders, and blue-gray eyes. She's not exactly what most people would label as emo, but based off of appearances, she's definitely what most called an outcast during the high school years. Personality wise, she seems quiet, but those who know her know that she never shuts up, and has way too much energy for her own good. She tends to be a bit self concious about her body at times, because though she's slender, her body isn't quite as tight as she'd wish, though most would say so. She tends to think with her head, but when it comes to romance, she thinks with her heart. She's not one for one night stands. She's a rocker and definitely looks the part with her random syle of clothing, her fingerless gloves, and her obscene collection of striped leggings and socks. She's very laid back, and it takes a bit of effort to get her angry, unless she's having one of those days where she wakes up in a bad mood. Then she can be a bit diva-ish, but the other band menbers know her well, so it's nothing untolerable. Her main hobby while they're on the road is trying to get Bryan to talk. She enjoys poking him, and flicking his hair, as those are two things that annoy him. She, however, will murder the first person to poke her, because she's extremely ticklish.

Cori- (18)(straight)(third oldest) The guitarist of the band. She's 5"7 also. She's a slender African-American with medium/light skin, slightly darker than caramel. Her dark brown hair is streaked with red and two signature hot pink streaks. She normally wears it in two messy pigtails, and her bangs cover her dark brown eyes. Personality wise, she's extremely friendly, and is rarely in a bad mood. Most people describe her as a ball of sunshine. She's a huge klutz. (She tripped over a straw wrapper once... I kid you not. XD) She tends to be way too logical and analytical about everything, to the point where it's downright annoying at times, but her logical thinking has gotten the others out of sticky situations quite a few times, so they don't complain too much. Despite what seems like an unstoppable happiness, she has a serious side, and spends a lot of time quietly thinking/daydreaming. She can be stubborn and impatient when she wants to be. She sometimes looks the part of a rocker, and sometimes doesn't, as her style is all her own, yet varies.(i.e., one day she wears tripp pants, the next, "preppy" style jeans, etc.) People that don't know her call her a poser, but her friends know that she just puts on whatever she feels like wearing, with no thought to labels at all.

Bryan- (18)(straight)(second youngest) Bryan is the drummer in the band. He stands at about 5"8, and is well toned from his time playing soccer, and running on the cross country team. Bryan has brown hair, and big brown eyes. A lot of people say that he looks like the drummer of Tokio Hotel, Gustav, and a few times, he has been mistaken for him, as their physical similarities are uncanny. The two are even similar in personality: He's extremely quiet, hardly ever speaking in public, unless it's to one of his fellow band members. A lot of people in their audiences are quite surprised if they happen to witness the phenomena that is Bryan speaking, because many, if not all, thought him to be a mute. He, like Cori, is very logical in his path of thought, and tends to hang out on the band's tour bus, preferring a book to parties. It's slightly ironic, since if you mention Tokio Hotel around him, he has no clue who you're talking about. However, despite his quietness, he tends to talk a bit more around the band. When he has something to say, he says it, but leaves it at that. However, don't let this fool you. He's still an 18 year old guy, thus, he tends to act like he has no common sense at all when it comes to joking around and being silly. Due to his quiet demeanour, his silliness would stun most. (And it has stunned a few so far) (Oh, and by the way, we finally hooked him up with a photo so he could see his "twin", and he was stunned at the resembelance between him and the drummer lol...I would put up a picture, but he'd probably kill me if I put his pic on an adult site, or, according to him, "the dirty pages". Haha, he can be such a prude, but I luv him anyways!) He doesn't really look like one who'd be in a rock band, because he just dresses normal.(i.e. jackets, jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, nothing that gives away the fact that he's in a band.)

Joey- (18)(straight)(oldest) Bass guitarist of the band. He usually wears his brown hair in a ponytail that goes to a few inches below his shoulders. He has clear, light blue eyes, is about 5"9, and very slender. He has a masculine, yet feminine look, but nobody can really pinpoint what it is that makes him look a bit feminine. He may be slender, but he has the appetite of a starved elephant, and is rarely seen not stuffing his face with whatever he can get. He can be quiet, but prefers to speak more. He's the more sarcastic one of the four, always having something witty to say. His discernment on when to use this sarcasm, however, needs a bit of tuning. He also tends to have a bit of an ego about certain matters, but it's extremely mild, and almost always used in a joking manner. He never likes being unaware of things, and if he's the last one to find something out, he gets a bit frustrated, and slightly pouty, which causes the other band members to tease him (it's all in fun), but he's good natured about it. If there's one thing he likes, it's attention, so if nobody is listening to him, he can get a bit flustered. When he gets flustered, he tends to get pouty, which might be where the feminine aspect comes in to play for Joey. The other band menbers find it highly entertaining when he's pouty, and to get a rise out of him, will call him "Cookie", a nickname coined that he hates. However, on the flip side, there's a lot that he loves, like video games, and teasing Cori and Tally. However, his favorite things to do are flirt, and be sarcastic. (not at the same time, of course). He's a huge smartass.

(A/N):If I made the age order too confusing, then here is how they go age-wise, from youngest to oldest: Tally, Bryan, Cori, Joey.

Lloyd: (age:??)(straight)(definitely the oldest lol) The band manager. A tall, wiry man of about...well...nobody really knows, so everyone just assumes he's 30. He probably is. He has neat dark brown hair with blonde highlights, and green eyes. He goes with the band everywhere, gig-wise. Sometimes, if he gets too bosy or what not, the band members will jokingly call him things like "mommy dearest", "the nanny", "mother" or...(Lloyed hates this one especially...)"Momsy-poo".

Vernon: (40)(straight): The bodyguard. Vernon isn't really the band's bodyguard, but he's A bodyguard. However, since for the fanfics, I made the band be famous, Vernon is the band's bodyguard. But in reality, they're not famous yet, so, no bodyguard for them lol. Anyway, Vernon is a tall man with a big build. He doesn't look muscular, so much as toned, but he kicks ass. He has a great sense of humor, but when it's time to get down to business, this man takes names. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. He gets along well with the band members.

The only thing you really need to know about the band is that when they first formed a few years ago, they made a mutual agreement that there would be no dating within the band. Ever.

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