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Wazzup y'all? I'm a 19 year old who's favourite TV shows include:
1.) X-Men: Evolution
2.) Andromeda
3.) Xena
4.) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
5.) Angel
6.) Smallville
7.) Undergrads
8.) Clone High
9.) Jackie Chan Adventures
and many many other shows but those ones are the best. And I'm COMPLETELY and 100% OBSESSED with Lord of the Rings, I mean, DAMN did you SEE those Hobbits' hair? Sexy much?? Hell yes. Same with Legolas...Orlando Bloom, if you're reading this, will you marry me?? hehe. But the bestest best character was Pippin, that's right, don't even argue with me, he was just too adorable - I have him on my background. Power to Pippin! *sigh* he was soooo darn cute in the movie, perfect for how he was in the book he was my FAVORITE character I don't care what anybody says. hehe. See, I warned you...OBSESSED!

OH MY GOD did anybody out there love the Green Dragon scene in the LotR special edition, with Merry and Pippin dancing and singing on the table as much as I did? I almost DIED I was so excited!!! WHY OH WHY DID THEY CUT THAT OUT???*

I'm okay now...honestly.

On a different note, the COLORADO AVALANCHE RULE THE KNOWN WORLD. This is not open for discussion. It is a fact. The Toronto Maple Leafs are very close but not quite world-ruling material due to their lack of defensive skill. And Todd Bertuzzi, though he has nothing to do with either team, is the evil encarnate. You have been warned.

And speaking of Avalanche...that is one sexy cartoon character. *slurp slurp slurp* Lance Alvers - God's Gift to Me. On a related topic, Lancitty is icky and wrong.

Okay, it has come to my attention that I am relentlessly swearing my undying love to many a fella in this bio. So for those of you keeping score at home (and even if you aren't, nyah!) here are the top ten...naw THIRTEEN guys whose side I would be at in a heartbeat if they asked:

1.) Ray Park (Toad)- Not in any heart-all-a-flutter way though (however he is fiiiine). No, no, Mr Park is my eternal Master and I his faithful minion (along with Frootkake Productions ^_^). If he wishes it, it shall be done. Dammit he's so cool.

2.) Elijah Wood (as if I have to say)- Ah yes, the love of my life. Fell for those eyes whence I was just a wee lass of eight and he was in Adventures of Huck Finn...and then he did a bunch of movies I couldn't handle...like The Good Son?!?! SCARY! And Flipper -ACK! BEGONE EVIL DOLPHIN SPAWN OF SATAN- yes, I'm afraid of dolphins...they're like chattery sharks...it's the dorsil fin I'd be having a heart attack and then it would turn out to be a blasted dolphin...grr...Kay, wait, this is about Elijah. Oh, I could go on and on for hours about him, but let's leave it at this: if we got married I would be Holly Wood. If that doesn't spell fate I don't know what does.

3.) Sean Bean (Boromir)-Again not in the swoony-style-antics (though he has a beautiful voice) but I greatly aspire to be his personal coffee girl. With God as my witness, he shall never go a day without caffeine! Plus, I mean, add on the coolness factor spawning from being 006 in Goldeneye! DUDE!

4.) Gord Woolvett (Seamus Harper)- The very reason I started watching Andromeda. He's just far too cute for his own good. Absolutely love him to bits. *sigh* my Turnip.

5.) Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy)- Ha! You think I care about age differences? Never! So he's four years younger than me, what's the diff? The kid is *gorgeous* and I will never never let him go. Plus that accent...

6.) Adam Busch (Warren Meers)- Leader of the Trio on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Keeper of a piece of my heart (yaaaaa I can be sappy if I wanna). He's got that cute voice and hey, he sings. Plus the Supervillain this was a total turn-on. So I go for the bad guys, so sue me. ^_^

7.) Adam Rickitt (Nick Tilsley)- Okay, chances are most of you don't watch the British soap Coronation Street, but this guy is a god. He's pretty much the reason I got hardcore into the show about 5 years ago (and now I'm addicted...woo British soaps!). Absolutely takes my breath away ^_^

8.) David Boreanaz (Angel)- Since his heart does not beat, mine beats twice as hard to compensate every time he's on screen. Okay, yeah I get that Davey's not REALLY a vampire, but who's counting? ^_^ Loved him in Valentine (in which he played an Adam...is it the name?): "How bout a date, Kate? Won't that be great, Kate?" lmao

9.) Adam Copeland (WWE's Edge)- Another Adam...getting freaky ^_^ Seriously though, from his debut I was in love. Ooh the mystery. Ooh the coolness. Ooh the sexy sexy body. Ooh the Canadian-ness! Score!

10.) Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor)- Ahh, the evilness he brings to Smallville and the endless hours I spend defending his character. Plus he was HILARIOUS in Sorority Boys! (in which his name was ADAM!!!)

11.) Matthew Lillard (Shaggy Rogers)- Though I loved him more as Stu Macher in Scream ^_^ Yeahhh, sorry, can't get enough of the guy. He's such a goof. And they're making Scooby Doo 2! EXCELLENT!

12.) Stephen Dorff (Deacon Frost)- Yeah we'll just add on to the vampire theme that pops up in my hunnies from time-to-time, I fell for this scruffy fella when I saw him in Blade and now I just can't get enough. Those eyes, oh man, those eyes...

13.) Brad Renfro (Huck Finn)- Another childhood love of mine...and oh look, he's another Huck Finn...yeah okay this babe's played many more roles before and since Tom & Huck, but to me, that and the Client are THE Brad movies that speak loudest to me. And imagine my excitement when he and the above-mentioned Mr. Dorff teamed up in Deuces Wild...daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn ^_^

TA-DA! There it is, though (besides the first three) it's really in no particular order. As if I'd rank Brad Renfro last, seriously. Pfft. And Frootkake's pushing me to include VIGGO!!! in this list but, c'mon, he's like, THE MAN, it kinda goes without saying ^_^

Hmm, what else would help you understand me...? Uh...I love -*LOVE*- Metallica. For my birthday, I want James Hetfield to sing me Happy Birthday. Or The Unforgiven. Hell, anything he wants, that guy has the sexiest voice I have ever heard, I can't get enough of his singing.

Know what else? I'm the world's biggest Xena and Hercules fan. Nearly every episode on tape - just missing some from the first seasons - and I was frightfully upset when they went off the air. I suppose they'd gone as far as they could, but still. And then my hopes were up with Cleo/Jack but that left after two seasons. Sadness abounds.

Well, I don't really know what else to say...I hope you like my stories, yeah that works. Oh hey, and check out my pal's stories, she's Frootkake Productions. The Darth Maul one is really good! TRUST ME! Ok, I'll shut up now, really ;-) Read and review please! I LOVE REVIEWS! *smack* Well duh, who doesn't?

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