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...it's the only way to write.

Name: Hannah

Sex: I know any name can be unisex, but I've never met any male "Hannah"s...yet.

Likes: To eat, to laugh, to read, to draw, to write (a lot of verbs I have there...)

Hates: Clingy/needy people (unless I like them...then I love the attention), beans (they give you gas...), large farm animals (I'm talking massive cows and pigs here), people who lack senses of humour (seriously, what's up with that?)

Of course, I could ramble on a lot more (and I probably will, later on), but I figure you need some profile information here...lest I sound like some anti-social weirdo who doesn't like to talk about herself (I actually like talking in general...call me a blabber-mouth).

I'm an angst-whore, a comedy-whore (I actually like parodies too...), and a food-whore (mwuaha!). So, all in all, I'm a whore :3.

Right...not very professional...

If you've noticed, I'm obsessed with "..."; though, I try not to show it in my writing. Still...it happens. And there it goes again.

My Goal: To finish "More than Lust" (cheesy title, eh? I like cheese...should've put that in my "likes"...crud) before I post anything new up.

It's a story that I didn't like much at first (I'm actually working on 30 stories in reality...or more. No joke.), but I thought why not? And I'm actually really starting to enjoy writing it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do when I get hand cramps and paper cuts as I scrawl away on actual paper (my mom tells me I'm the cause of global warming...pshaw, as if I'm the one cutting down the trees. Though, I do enjoy keeping the economy afloat. What can I say? It's my job.)

Pictures: Hello everyone! I finally learned how to do hyperlinks without directly copying the URL (yay for the computer age!)! I've also changed 3/4 character pictures as well (the only exception being Ashley Greene as Veneta Leonard, because she's a dead ringer for how I pictured the small, angular girl in my head). Once again, I warn the readers who are afraid that my ideas of the characters' physical appearance will conflict with theirs to not look. Or you may go "ew". Just kidding. Hopefully.

Marissa Vandertrooy - http:///albums/w454/s2rosez/MarissaVandertrooy.jpg

I realized the previous model (who really was some sort of fashion model) as Marissa made no sense; she was too thin. In the story, Marissa's said to be gorgeous, yes, but she's fairly healthy-looking, despite being on the slim, athletic side. She's tall with classically pretty features that would have been considered lovely 100 years ago as they are now. And yes, the girl in the picture has hazel-ish green eyes despite Marissa's eyes being brown, but otherwise, I'm satisfied.

Ezra MacGregor - http:///albums/w454/s2rosez/EzraMacGregor.jpg

A tough character to find a picture of (mostly because I know not all of you will be satisfied). I've heard lots of suggestions from readers (Cillian Murphy, James Marsden, Tom Sturridge, Travis Caldwell, Travis Davenport, Tyson Ritter - actors, models, singers - if nothing else, I had fun looking at ridiculously beautiful men on Google Images), but I finally decided to settle on a fairly obscure actor (who used to model?). Cheekbones, check. Eyes, check. Hair, check. Seriously, if I was even friends with a guy who looked like this, I would just die.

Veneta Leonard - http:///albums/w454/s2rosez/VenetaLeonard.jpg

This one stayed the same. I read Megan Fox once as a suggestion, but I found her to look too...foxy? (Har, har.) But seriously, I wanted someone to look angular and sharp (and small), but with a certain, soft femininity that gave off a delicate feel. Like a fairy. Or a catty-looking Audrey Hepburn (in terms of features). Jessica Lowndes from 90210 was a close runner-up, but I decided to just stick with Ashley Greene, because she has subtlety despite the sharp features.

Spencer Lennox - http:///albums/w454/s2rosez/SpencerLennox.jpg

Let's face it: Ryan Gosling is old. He may be considered physically attractive to some (although many may also beg to differ), he's like a decade older than Spencer's age in the story. Plus, despite having the charm, he's not really my cup of tea either (sorry, Ryan Gosling-fans!), so I chucked him in favour of a younger, slightly better-looking actor, Austin Butler (in my opinion, of course; the rest of you are free to disagree).

About 'More Than Lust': Okay, so I'm extremely happy about the awesome reception I have received for MTL, but I want to note that I am not the type of person to write graphic sexual scenarios (that, of course, is the college term for smut, lemons, hot sex scenes...whatever). So, if you're reading my story for some R-rated stuff...um, you should probably stop, because there won't really be anything like that. Even if there is something risky, it will not be hardcore.

Also, I realize the contradictions that lie in the actions of most of the sexually active students who attend a Catholic school. Is it a reflection of real life? Somewhat, considering how a lot of the students I know who attend a public Catholic school have partying tendancies and have nothing against promiscuity. Is it a reflection of the religion and devout followers of the religion? Not at all. Roman Catholicism has its flaws like any other religion out there in the world, but it promotes virtue (and read: abstinence), so the debauchery the characters in the story display isn't to be taken as truth on terms of how true Catholics behave (but I'm pretty sure nearly all of the readers were aware of that). Really, the setting is there just to contrast against all the sex that's going on and be a bit of a social commentary on what actually happens in North American schools. And yes, it is a bit of an exaggeration.

More Than Lust reviews
Ezra snorted, grey eyes barely flickering to her. "I don't need to resort to sexual harassment to get what I want, blondie."
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 28 - Words: 120,714 - Reviews: 1255 - Favs: 938 - Follows: 1,178 - Updated: 7/7/2012 - Published: 7/13/2008