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Hello, everyone! I'm Twilight (or Twili-chan, if you prefer). I've been a writer on this site for such a long time, and it's been great! Obviously, I'm that "crazy" person who's written "that one story that's over 700 chapters long"! I'm not lying to you or anything, you can see it plain as day down below this little description of me. Now, am I really crazy? Perhaps.

I by no means think that my writing is the best in the world, but I enjoy hearing other people's opinions of it. I'm constantly trying to improve in any way I possibly can. But telling me that I have no life for dedicating so much of my time and thought into that impossibly long story I've got down there won't make me stop.

So stop trying to tell me that. It was amusing at first, but it's getting kind of old.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you see down there. You don't have to review or anything - two of those stories were ones that I've started, but I'm unsure if I'll ever finish seeing as how they were poorly-thought-through and honestly really bad.

If you want to check out other things I've written, look at my FanFiction profile; and, if you want to see me ramble or check out stuff that I post about my stories and art, look at my Tumblr!

Otherwise, have fun reading all the amazing stories on FictionPress!

Oh, yeah - did you guys know that the impossibly long story down there is also a webcomic??? Because it is! It's written and drawn by me! It's a thought that I've had in my head for some time, and hearing of all the people who wanted to get into the story of Koukon Bridge but were intimidated by the chapter count made me want to do it even more!

The comic will also feature bits and pieces of the story that I didn't add in, and it will fix a lot of the issues that plague the story early on, like inconsistent details and whatnot - all of which I will eventually implement into the story itself. The story here will be concluded when I have the time to really get down and do it - but comicking isn't easy, so please bear with me. KB is not dead, or even really on hiatus.

Anyway, that's enough of my rambling. Enjoy the links below!

The Comic - the comic itself! It updates every other Wednesday on Tapastic, so subscribe!

Comic Tumblr - for news, updates, and other little snippets.

Patreon - for supporting me in making the comic (and the story of KB) my life! Patrons enjoy rewards like seeing pages before they air on Tapastic, wallpapers, and even personalized drawings from me! If I get enough donations, you'll see more frequent updates, livestreams or speedpaints of pages and wallpapers (or other KB-related things), and more!

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