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"Name"/"Nickname": Cora/...?

"Story News": No new stories, thou I'm hoping to write one soon.

"News": In High-school, and barely holding back her snapping point...-.-' I hate my high-school life...

"Be found at":KisuneKyuubi (neopets), Yomori (deviantART), YinFox (youtube), C-Tora (GaiaOnline), Krystallos Dragon (

Hi there, I'm Cora and this is my account. I thought I join seeing how I'm apart of . You can find me there more often then here, plus I'm not really interested in posting my Original Story ideas here...but I may upload little backstage tidbits of my character's adventures...maybe.

Series in Progress:

"Shadow Manor": Chapter 1: 50/100 done

Roanna Levis, is looking for a room for rent. She gets a little more then she bargained for when the place she rents a room at turns out to be a manor. Not just any manor, but "Shadow Manor", one of strangest places in the world. Many people live here, but only few are seen, some don't even appear except at night. Roanna is in deep, she's got a mystery to solve and she's got to do it before she herself becomes a permanent resident. That is, if she truly wishes to leave.

"Library Wars": Chapter 1: 40/100 done

Kai, Rai, Roanna, Ciaia, and Kate are all together from their respectful stories and are hanging out. It seems thou Rai has gone and made Ciaia mad thou, what has he done this time?