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my name is molly, but add any noun on to the end of that and you have one of my bazillion random nicknames. (mollyzors, mollypie, mollypants, mollymister, mollehdip, etc)

i'm 16 years old, liberal, and straight-edge. my favorite bands are Saosin and Erison. i like to read, write, people-watch, concert-go, and take pictures. film > digital. i live in a boring suburb in an eastern state in the USA. text-based roleplaying is the best hobby ever. slash is always more fun. i read a lot, especially here on fictionpress.

my visual art is here:

as for what i've written here:

Reform is the prequel to a roleplay I had with an amazing person named Jared, who you can find on FP as tonguely. I don't have it planned out much, so updates will be slow, but they will keep coming. Riley the character is my dearest mild-child, while Jay is one of Jared's creations. I know where the story ends and bits in between, it's just stringing all the pieces together that I find challenging.

Powerless just kind of happened. It's highly personal, more so than I really ever wanted anything I wrote and showed to the world to be, but here it is. It will be short-lived, as I do know when and where I'm ending it. Updates will be sporadic, but probably faster than Reform, just because I know more of what I'm doing here.

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Powerless reviews
That’s how it starts in the movies and, I assume, sort of how AA type meetings go. Hi, this is my name and I am powerless. I don’t think they realize how many other people feel the same way. It doesn't require an addiction or a bad childhood or anything.
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