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I'm also on Fanfiction: Punk Drunk Love - I mostly write slash stories about modern wrestling, though I am constantly attempting to post new content inspired by TV shows young and old, including The Vampire Diaries, SeaQuest DSV and True Blood.

And Twitter: @DecemberRaines - Follow me on Twitter for updates on stories and for answers to reader questions.


WONDERLAND -PAPERBACK/KINDLE EDITION: The plagiarized version of this book, titled Benjamin Wonderland by Jessica Beckwith, is still listed on Amazon US & UK. I've provided the link to the correct version, which I've recently updated for a new edition. This title has received the most support from readers and has been listed as a favorite by more readers than all of my other Fictionpress works. Available on and Amazon International - Wonderland

LAST NOVEMBER SKY -PAPERBACK/KINDLE EDITION: The plagiarized version of this book, titled Last November Sky by Jessica Beckwith, is still listed on Amazon US & UK. I've provided the link to the correct version. Although this title did not receive strong reviews, it still remains one of my favorite works and I selected it to be submitted to Balboa Publishing in 2010 as part of a contest. Available on and Amazon International - Last November Sky

CARNIES -PAPERBACK/KINDLE EDITION This is my personal favorite of all of my published original works. Available on and Amazon International - Carnies

A NEW KID ON THE JOCK -PAPERBACK: Edited for Fictionpress and based on a wrestling Fanfic I wrote in 2011, this story has received a huge number of reviews on Fanfiction and has been listed as a favorite the most by readers of all of my Fanfiction works. A New Kid on the Jock Amazon was recently made unavailable, and I am working to correct the problem. Until then, it is available on for purchase in paperback form - A New Kid on the Jock Createspace


Jessica Beckwith: This "author" stole two of my books along with the original novels of others directly from Fictionpress and attempted to publish the stories as her own work in 2013. After being personally notified about the unathorized publications, I researched the pen name and found almost a dozen websites where this person had attempted to establish herself as a legitimate author using the works of others. I did file copyright infringement claims with Amazon and Amazon UK. Though I received shallow responses from the Amazon UK team, they did delete the plagiarized versions of Last November Sky. Amazon US appeared to be more avid about handling things, though they have yet to delete the unauthorized versions permanently from their site. The good news is that all false publications from Beckwith have since been made unavailable for sale. I also posted notices of the plagiarism committed by this person on all of the websites where she had tried to establish herself as an alleged author. More extensive research revealed that she had also stolen the cover pictures for her novels off of various websites simply by searching for keywords related to content featured in the novels. Ironically, one of the novels she plagiarized from another author was titled: Stolen.

Unauthorized versions of Benjamin Wonderland on Amazon -Plagiarized Benjamin Wonderland and Amazon UK - Plagiarized Benjamin Wonderland UK Edition

Unauthorized versions of Last November Sky on Amazon (For some reason, it is posted twice on Amazon) - Plagiarized Last November Sky 1st Edition and Plagiarized Last November Sky 2nd Edition

Unauthorized Author profiles where Beckwith has posted stolen novels as her own - Beckwith on Authors Den -This was the only site Beckwith was on where I was unable to post a comment that the work was plagiarized, though I did send a complaint with proof of plagiarism to site administrators. Beckwith on Indie Writer Support -This site is difficult to maneuver, but I was able to post a comment that Beckwith's work was plagiarized. She is also featured on LinkedIn and several other sites where she consistently describes herself as an aspiring author. Search bars bring up keywords like Jessica Beckwith author. All of her profiles appear to consistently place her in Kansas/Missouri area, though other details are vague and impersonal.

Website Which Reveals Beckwith's True Nature: My research uncovered that Beckwith had used plagiarized novels to appeal to top authors and esteemed members of the internet realm. Fortunately, she was discovered by this site before receiving honors for her unauthorized work - Beckwith Revealed - yet it is unclear just how many people may have fallen for her rouse, especially since it has been made clear by my research that she has used dozens of sites to promote herself.

Thanks to the help of avid Fictionpress reviewers and authors who left comments revealing Beckwith's work as stolen, it does not appear that Beckwith has attempted to promote herself or update websites where she has claimed herself to be an author since 2013. This does not necessarily mean she has stopped plagiarizing authors. She has probably gotten smarter about hiding the stolen works and she is likely using a new pen name to continue promoting herself. If you happen to come across information regarding an updated version of Beckwith's profile, please don't hesitate to contact those she has stolen works from. The best way to stop plagiarism is to make what is happening public so that people remain informed and educated.

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INSPIRED BY VAMPIRE DIARIES (2009) Aaron's vampire kisses were powerful and brought me to the brink of my limits with intensity before he would let go and I would gasp for air. My lips kept going numb and my teeth were kind of sore, but I didn't care. I really, really liked kissing him.
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INSPIRED BY TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU (1999): Over 10,000 Story Hits! - A bisexual artist attending high school in the early 90's finds himself in a precarious situation when he takes the virginity of one of the school's most beautiful girls while finding himself passionately drawn to the school's athletic and also bisexual quarterback.
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READER'S CHOICE/INSPIRED BY ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST (1975): SKoW Award Nominee Round 8 for Punk'd Plot Category, 2009: A young woman fresh out of nursing school becomes an employee of a local mental institution during the 1960's. Once there, she becomes attached to a patient who believes he is an angel sent to stop demons from initiating the Cold War to end the world.
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BASED ON A TRUE STORY: Over 8,000 Story Hits! - A timid teenager on the verge of discovering her sexuality is conflicted when the boy next door begins showing an interest at the same time as she begins feeling more strongly about the fallen angel that has followed her and kept her safe for most of her life.
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AUTHOR'S CHOICE: Over 13,000 Hits! - A teenage girl who becomes pregnant out of wedlock is sent by her severely religious parents to live with her uncle in his Tennessee mansion, where he houses numerous members of his traveling carnival. The longer the girl learns about the unique & sometimes dangerous members, the more free she feels from her rigidly normal home life.
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AUTHOR'S CHOICE/INSPIRED BY SKY HIGH (2005):C2 Listed! - In a foster home designed for teenagers with supernatural abilities, a young man with anti-social disorder who can read minds attempts to keep the love of his life safe from an agency that plans to harness superhuman teenagers as models for destructive future armies.
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INSPIRED BY TV'S TRUE BLOOD (2008): Over 10,000 Story Hits! - Two college girls rent out the rooms of their home to a group of young men to make extra money. One of them has a ten-year-old boy with him, but both girls soon discover the boy is actually the oldest vampire in existence, and the young men are neither human nor innocent.
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INSPIRED BY INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE FILM (1994): Over 23,000 Story Hits! - An Irish servant girl in the 1800's falls in love with a noble-blooded vampire who desires to keep her innocence intact, but when she becomes pregnant with his future offspring, other supernaturals start showing a dangerous interest.
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