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Author has written 27 stories for Young Adult, General, Fable, General, Love, Life, and Religion.

My screen name is the same as the one i have on fanfiction.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/~himawarixxsandz

I'm a girl, and I like to write. A lot.

It's probably more likely for me to fall in love with one (or more) of my own characters than an actual person--already have, in fact.

Current Anime Obsession: Vampire Knight Guilty (sings: It's back! It's back! It's back it's back it's back! --to the tune of the Nutcracker Suite)

Current Character Obsession: Lelouch Lamperouge--because he's the best damn character in the history of fictional characters, period. Just watch Code Geass and you'll agree with me.

Current Manga Obsession: You're My Loveprize in a Viewfinder (best shonen-ai manga EVER)

Favorite Anime: Code Geass, Bleach, Naruto, Vampire Knight, Death Note, Junjou Romantica, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Favorite Manga: Bleach, Naruto, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, xxxHolic, Suzuka, Shinobi Life, Okane Ga Nai, Desire Climax, Bitter Virgin, You're My Loveprize in a Viewfinder, Sex Therapist(trust me, it's way awesomer than it sounds), Ai to Yokubou wa Gakuen de, Cut, Vampire Knight

Favorite Books and Books Series: Twilight, Harry Potter, the Degranville Trilogy, The Book Thief, Gossip Girl, The Private Series, The It Girl, Modern Tales of Faerie(Tithe, Valiant, Ironside), the Devil's Arithmetic, the Bronze Bow, Finishing Becca, the Series of Unfortunate Events, BOY2GIRL, Pants On Fire, Pretty Little Liars, Uglies, Tamar, Eragon Series, Suck It Up, Stravanganza, Twisted, Speak, You Don't Know Me, The Mortal Instruments Series, Hacking Harvard(A must read for those about to go through the college-applying hell. Hysterical), Wake, Blue Bloods Series, Truancy, The Host, Lucas, Sovay

Books You Must Read If You Want To Laugh Hysterically And Freak Out Your Parents/Roomates/Siblings/Anyone Else Who Is Living With You:
BOY2GIRL, Pants On Fire, Suck It Up, Hacking Harvard, City of Bones

Books You Must Read If You Want To Be Left Staring At Absolutely Nothing For Ten Minutes After You Finish From Sheer Force/Greatness Of The Plot:
Harry Potter (all seven, of course), The Book Thief, The Devil's Arithmetic, The Bronze Bow, Uglies, Tamar, The Mortal Instruments Series, Wake, Truancy(this one'll leave you staring for twenty minutes after), Lucas (because its the saddest damn book in the world), Sovay(The best damn book for girls who want to make it known that they shall NOT stand for any crap, and want only the best and won't settle for less--hey that rhymes!)

Books You Must Read Just Because They're So Damn Good:
Twilight(excluding Breaking Dawn, unless, that is, you want to see published crack and OOC), Gossip Girl, Modern Tales of Faerie(all three), Pretty Little Liars, Stravaganza, Twisted, You Don't Know Me, The Host

I'm an avid reader, as you can see, so that list up above will keep expanding

Favorite Authors: Stephenie Meyer(questionably), Lemony Snicket, Holly Black, Ann Rinaldi, Scott Westerfield, Mary Hoffman, Laurie Halse Anderson, Cassandra Clare, Meg Cabot

I titled my series Coven Four, but the titles of each story vary.

here they are so far, the ones that exist so far anyway:

Book One: Unnatural
Book Two: Torn
Book Three: Caught (i'm halfway through this one)
Book Four: Flawed (still not in existence, but at least it's titled)

i'll put the taglines below

Unnatural's tagline:

What happens at a school where being normal means you aren't?

Torn's tagline:

Sometimes, all you have to do is talk.
Sometimes, words are all you need to kill.

Caught's tagline:

It doesn't matter what (or who) you do...
As long as you don't get caught.

Flawed's tagline:

Even perfection has flaws.

Defeated's tagline:

Love can't always conquer all.

Update (8/19/08): I don't know why, but in my Unnatural chapters, at the top of each chapter page it keeps saying "Torn Chapter:" and i just want everyone who's reading that to know that Torn is the title of the next one in the series, and i have no idea why it's doing that

When I write, my mind works in anime mode, so I see my characters as real people and anime characters, and just for the people who want to know what my characters sort of look like--the characters I've revealed, anyhow--here's a listing:

Kiley Eileen Cord:
Actress: Ellen Page
Anime/Manga Character: Yuuki Cross
Voice: Haruhi Fujioka

Liam Thomas Holtz:
Actor: Jason Dolley
Anime/Manga Character: Tamaki Suou
Voice: Syaoran

Caleb Anthony Rivers:
Actor: Drew Fuller
Anime/Manga Character: Zero Kiryuu
Voice: Ichigo Kurosaki (English Dub)

Jeanette Carlyle Dorling:
Actress: Haley Bennett
Anime/Manga Character: Ruka Souen
Voice: Rukia Kuchiki (English Dub)

Maxton Christopher Forge:
Actor: Taylor Lautner
Anime/Manga: Senri Shiki
Voice: Sasuke Uchiha (English Dub)

William Bradin Anderson:
Actor: Chace Crawford
Anime/Manga: Fai D. Flowright
Voice: Fai D. Flowright

Felicity Lissa Brigade:
Actress: Kristin Herrera
Anime/Manga: Maria Kurenai
Voice: Yoruichi

Jeremy Basheda:
Actor: Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Voice: Ed Westwick

Leo Richardson:
Actor: Gale Harold III
Voice: Gale Harold III

Alessia Conti:
Actress: Ariel Winter
Voice: Soifon

Gethin Carges:
Actor: Robert Hoffman
Voice: Light Yagami (English Dub)

Elijah Jones:
Actor/Singer: Chris Brown
Voice: Chris Brown

If anyone has any requests to see a character in particular, just tell me in a review or email me and I'll post their actor/actress/singer/celebrity and anime/manga character!

Update(8/25/08): School's back on, and since I've finished the first two stories in the Coven series, "Caught"'s chapters will be posted at a slower rate because i don't want to hit a brick wall once I've run out of completed chapters for the time being. So, if you've been surprised and impressed at the rate I'd put up Unnatural and Torn, prepare to be disappointed for weeks on end, since these chapters will go up every week at the fastest.

LARGE AND VERY BAD NEWS: It seems that I can't get into my Fanfiction account today for one retarded reason or another, so I'll have to wait and see if I've better luck tomorrow, so for everyone that sees this and has accounts in both Fanfiction and Fictionpress, please pass it on to others who don't, since I'd been hoping to update Trade and some others today, but cannot do so due to aforementioned retarded stupidity. :D Thank you.
Oh, just remembered, this also means that I can't favorite, story/author alert any stories, and I can't respond to any reviews. Sorry.

Well, at least until my computer stops being gay and I can login again.

Update(9/12/08): I apologize that "Caught" has been moving along at such a snail-ish rate, but though I admit that the plot bunnies are coming in by the thousands, these are fanfiction bunnies, and even if my readers/friends over at FF are Huzzah-ing (God, I love that word), I know that my FP readers/friends are probably...not. On the bright side, I'll be gradually posting up the drabbles that are centered around my Coven series--which have been sitting around in my thumb drive, dusting over, for about as long as "Unnatural" has--to keep everyone Huzzah-ing, even though not with as much enthusiasm. Also, I noticed that I'd forgotten to put the voices that sound in my head for the characters, so y'all can take a look at that.

Till next time, Himawari signing out.

Yep. You read right. They've returned, and I'm glad to say that the next chapter of Caught will be up soon--at the very latest this weekend. School is being awful to me (Well, actually only one subject is being awful to me) and the teachers are tightening our uniform dress code like an anaconda around its prey. We can't even wear earrings longer than our earlobe. Sucks so bad, I can't even tell you. No colored nail polish either. Sigh. The trials and tribulations of going to a Catholic school. Anyhoo.
In history class, we're covering the Civil War, and since I love history and writing put together, I'm going to try my hand in weaving my own plot with history. Since, I haven't put up any Coven prequels, I think it's time that I start one. I don't know what I'm going to title it just yet, but basically, it's going to be about the romance and eventually--as we all know--tragedy that happens to Alessia involving "her Elijah". And I'll be putting him onto my characters list, and those of you (my readers) who are close to me in age and tastes in music will probably be rolling around in your seats laughing at the irony of who Elijah looks most like (well, looks EXACTLY like).
I just have to work out a few details for the story plot of this prequel (like for one, how Elijah's human masters never seemed to notice how he never got older) and then I'll start writing and posting.
Oh, another thing, not to spoil it for any of you, but in Caught, I'm about to introduce some characters who I didn't think I'd introduce until Flawed. These characters are Jeanette's parents. I haven't figured out their names yet, but I'm getting there. Oh. And I'll be giving Darlene--Jeanette's sister--a bit more depth as well.

Hope the plot bunnies stick around.

Update(9/24/08)--Part 2: I've come up with the title and the tagline for the Alessia's backstory prequel thingy. I put it up there (points up) with the rest of the titles and taglines. So check it out and guesstimate away!

Update(9/29/08): School was unbelievable today. A neighboring school came for "team building"--probably part of "we should let the eighth graders have the most fun ever since they're never coming back (thank God). And...I must say--even though you probably don't care at all, these Updates are starting to become addicting--like writing in a journal.
Anyhoo, after that fun, fun, not really fun at all since the other school was so strange, morning, we had classes and I really didn't want to put up with my Literature teacher (who hates me) and my History teacher (who is kind of like a loud, never endingly speaking brick wall). So...I wrote some poetry. Two poems. One about the Underground Railroad--which to me, for some unfathomable reason, is just awesomeness at its peak--and the other about...History. Just check them out.
I never thought I could write poetry, so now that I've come to an epiphany that I can AND it doesn't suck, I might write some more about Coven and...other things. Who knows.
Oh, and during one of the "team building" activities, we had to pull this circle-cone-shaped thingy all together, crowded around, holding tiny strings and balance it (its not as complicated as it sounds) and one of the guys (from my school) stepped on my shoe because we were running backward, and i tripped, and everyone CONTINUED pulling and running and i was being dragged on the ground. And then they were all like, "Oh my GOD. You fell?! I didn't see that! Are you okay? I'm so sorry."
We were smushed into a little circle. How do you NOT see that? How do you NOT notice that you're dragging an additional 118 pounds?

The plot bunnies are laughing at me. And pointing.

Update(10/1/08): Please. I come in peace. Do not kill me. Put down the torches and the pitchforks and calmly step back. I come in peace, with one hand of plot bunnies, and the other the chapter all of you have been plaguing me for--and these plagues I fully deserved. This time, I swear to God that I WILL update by this weekend. And I could've cut the chapter right now, and left it as a pretty decent-sized chapter but not much happens, unless you want seven pages of Kiley doom and gloom. But I decided that I'll put all of this into one BIIIIGGG chapter, and it'll be worth the wait, trust me.

At least I hope it will.

Anyhoo, my best friend told me to apologize to y'all about keeping me on the phone and email and AIM with her boy/mom/school/highschoolfuture problems. She's the one I based Kath on--the KlutzyEmoSpaz, we call her (My friend, not Kath). And in her defense, we've been like this twists fingers since 4th grade, so we're bestestbestestforeverandever friends for four years now. And we've known each other since 2nd grade. So yeah.

In any case, look forward to the update, don't kill me, make sure you keep the pointed side of your pitchforks away from me and your torches blown out, and I'll have that chapter up and ready by this weekend.

Update(10/6/08): Sovay by Celia Rees. I'm not even a quarter way into this book and I already know I'm going to fall head over heels in love with it. It's just one of those girl-powering books that's not corny or cliche at all and just makes a girl want to punch her fist in the air and yell "I'M NOT TAKING ANY CRAP FROM ANYONE, SO HA!" for no reason at all. And it all starts out with a simple ballad/poem thing as a sort of prologue:

Sovay, Sovay all on a day
She dressed herself in man's array
With a brace of pistols all by her side
To meet her true love, to meet her true love, away she'd ride

As she was riding over the plain
She met her true love and bid him stand
"Stand and deliver, young sir," she said
"And if you do not, and if you do not, I'll shoot you dead"

He delivered up his golden store
And still she craved for one thing more
"That diamond ring, that I see you wear
Oh hand it over, oh hand it over, and your life I'll spare"

"From that diamond ring I would not part
For it's a token from my sweetheart
Shoot and be damned, you rogue," said he
"And you'll be hanged you'll be hanged, then for murdering me"

Next morning in the garden green
Young Sophie and her true love were seen
He spied his watch hanging from her clothes
Which made him blush lads, which made him blush, like any rose

"Why do you blush, you silly thin
I thought to have that diamond ring
T'was I who robbed you all on the plain
So here's your gold, love, so here's your gold and your watch and chain

"I only did it for to know
If you would be a man or no
If you had given me that ring," she said
"I'd have pulled the trigger, pulled the trigger and shot you dead"

Update(10/10/08): It's beautiful. It's spectacular. It's amazing. It shocked me until i was tearing. It is...



I have just died and gone to heaven. I have no words.

Update(10/22/08): Contrarily to what some of you might believe (or hope), I'm not dead. Yet. But we'll get back to that in eighty years. Anyhoo, I did take a short break to work on some fanfiction, since I haven't done anything over there in about three weeks, and then I had a little too much fun with the reviews and PMs in reaction to that one fanfic--KuroFai, for any who care--so I sort of let "Caught" dust over. But I pulled out the feather duster and I'm aiming to get the chapter posted here by...ooh, let's say...'round this weekend? It's close to the end, so I'll be finished before the New Year. Hell, I'll probably be finished before Thanksgiving. My birthday is also coming up, if any of you care...at all...an atomic bit...lol. I also had a mountainload of homework and my example thesis (if you hate Works Cited, raise your hand) and high school placement tests are coming faster than EVER. And Defeated is still going, too, and I'm thinking of leaving a period of time between "Caught" and "Flawed" to finish Defeated, since it's hard to write too major stories at once. In any case, hold me to that weekend due date for the next chapter. If I'm not terrified to be downstairs alone after my Halloween Party tomorrow, I'll try my best. And I have Friday off from school (some diocesan thing or another) so that's a plus, too.

Oh, aaaaaand...I GET TO HAVE MY BRACES TAKEN OFF NEXT WEEK!! I've only had them for a year, because i have awesome teeth, but it'll be nice anyways.

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