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I've been writing since I was a little girl, and I started writing relatively long stories when I was in junior high. Sooo I've been writing for a while. Still need to improve, though.

Writing is one of my biggest hobbies, but I'm also a cosplayer. Need improvement on that, too, though. I'm working on my sewing skills (particularly with that stupid sewing machine) as well as my acting. I love being in character, and I enjoy cosplaying really crazy, over-the-top characters (try Belarus from Hetalia). I love anime conventions, and I always post the pictures I take at them on my YouTube account, so feel free to check them out!!

Anyhow, out of some boredom, I've decided to put this up:

Theme songs to my stories!!!

Sooo I'd have to say that the theme song for Daddy's Little Girl is "Daughters" by John Mayer. Fits, right? And I think that a good theme song for Tabitha and Jack would be "Catalyst" by Anna Nalick. Not sure if it really fits, but some of the lines make sense, though more from Jack's perspective. I dunno.

I've got some more ideas for songs and all, but I'll post them when I'm slightly bored again.

10/30: Sometimes Knights Ride White Horses is the third installment of Daddy's Little Girl. Hope you enjoy!!

Oh! So more theme songs:

For Blood And Iron, I think "The Scientist" by Coldplay TOTALLY fits. I think of this story whenever I hear it. Also, "Something I Can Never Have" by Flyleaf is Allai's theme song.

1/12: I'm SO HAPPY someone reviewed Blood And Iron!!! I realize my action scenes suck; that's because I'm not so much into action as I am internal turmoil and emotional problems. Also, with regards to the sudden personality changes of my characters, I did this for several reasons. 1) I want them to be unsteady, unsure teenagers. And from my experience with a lot of teenagers, many change from one week to the next. Not all teenagers. I don't wanna sound offensive here. I wanted them to be STEREOTYPICAL teenagers, seeing as most young people in my stories seem a bit wise beyond their years 2) the first impressions of the characters were just that: first impressions. I wanted them to reveal different sides as they got to know each other. You know, be round characters. Not sure if that got through. And I don't remember if I explained the whole Smelter thing. May have gotten lost there. And I think you are right, I kind of let the Lupines disappear. Anyhow, thank you so much for reviewing! I intend on taking your suggestions and making a lot of changes!!!

Thought I might add in here, for anyone interested, what inspired Blood And Iron. It was two things really. First was the song "Teenagers" by Hayley Williams. The line: I feel you now/You're all around me underneath me. I thought, What if this was literal? What if this person's first love was literally all around her and underneath her, as in ashes. And that started it. Also, I was reading the manga Shugo Chara, and I thought about how cool it was to be able to combine with something and gain new traits and abilities. But I wanted to take out the magical girl element, so I made it scifi. Anyhow, don't know if anyone actually cares. Just thought I'd share

11/1: So an update: I've been working on Blood And Iron, and I'm now about to revamp the entire ending. From chapters one to eleven I made some changes, added a few scenes, etc., but now, at chapter twelve, I've pretty much deleted the entire ending. I saved one scene that I hope to use in the new edition, but at this point I'm starting fresh. I hope to finish it soon so I can put the new and (hopefully) improved version up. Again, as always, thank you to those reading!

12/17:I feel like such a looooooser for taking so long to finish editing Blood And Iron. I've managed to have the story take a totally different turn, but now I just need to figure out how to get to the end. And I hope it doesn't take me forever to read through it when I'm done (I refuse to post any stories I haven't read through at least once). I also need to get around to reading through "Fairytale" so I can post that, too. Please forgive me for my ridiculous slowness, as well as for my lack of diction in this post. Thank you to any and all who are kind enough to still be reading my stuff. I will try to put new stuff up, but probably not till next year...which is almost here @_@

12/23: Huzzah for the Renaissance falconer! I've uploaded a new story! "Fairytale" was inspired by the song "Fairytale" by Alexander Ryback. I liked the idea of that being the girl's actual name, and the song just inspired me to right about her. Anyhow, hope you enjoy! And thank you to all who are reading!

1/14: I've gotten into a Celtic music kick, and this has me wanting to rewrite one of the very first stories I've written (going back to junior high). I've attempted to rewrite it on numerous occasions, and I do in fact have a new attempt already started. But as I'm reading it to continue writing, I can't seem to get anywhere with it. Think I need to start from scratch...again...Oh, and Blood And Iron is almost done.

1/29: computer is in for repairs. The screen cracked (my own stupidity), and due to all kinds of complicated things, it's taking longer than usual. Hence, I have been unable to work on any of my writing. Not that I necessarily would have if I had my computer all along... That aside, I am noticing that there are people reading I Never Was Daddy's Little Girl and the sequel He Greeted Me With A Kiss. However, I am finding that the third and final (or so I say now) installment of the series, Sometimes Knights Ride White Horses, is getting very few hits. I would post an author's note on the story itself or even on one of the others, but I am unable to edit at this time. So I post here: How do people feel about this third story? Should I go back and heavily edit it? Any feedback at all? So if anyone does have feedback concerning this story, please leave me reviews on it. I'm always looking to improve. Thank you!

3/7: Computer is back...still with a cracked screen (looooooong story). However, I've started writing again, and I am THIS CLOSE to finishing Blood And Iron. Totally serious this time! I probably could have finished it last night, but I had work today, so I needed to go to bed. Anyhow, once I finish it, I will read it through and post it. I hope people like the edited second half. I personally feel it's an improvement from the original, but I will let you all be the judges. Once I'm done with that, I hope to get started (or restarted) on a story I started a long while ago.

5/19: Realized as I was typing this that it is in fact Sunday, not Saturday, as it is almost 1 AM. WHY AM I STILL AWAKE?!?!?!? Anyhow, I FINALLY posted the new, revised version of Blood And Iron. So if anyone was reading the old or already read it, please, please, please read the new one. I did a lot of revisions. And I would LOVE some reviews with anymore helpful tips! Thank you and good night!

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