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Oh, goodness! I have to say that it has been a hot minute or two since I've checked in on my FictionPress account! I've revamped my profile and my beta page; if you've got a spare moment and the interest, feel free to check them out!

Moving on.

Author Biography-


Age: 20 (26 October 1992)
Gender: Female
Occupation: 5831-Corrections Specialist (fancy for: 'Prison Guard') USMC


About me in a nutshell : I'm a twenty year old bookworm with a penchant for violence and a soft side for romance. I'm a sucker for all things sweet (except gummi bears) and love physical training/exercise. Soccer is my sport, as I played Forward (or Striker) for many years until I was injured and gave it up. I also did gymnastics, though very briefly. I'm a raging fan of the Arthurian tales, interested in the character developments of King Arthur from a young child to a grown adult, as well as many, many more!

I am a huge fan of the Inuyasha series, and was very unhappy when it finally came to an end. However, I never could get into many other anime's, like BLEACH or NARUTO; they just never appealed to me. I've also never been much of a game-player, sticking to what I know from my childhood: Pokemon and Sims.

I am generally a fun-loving, free-spirited woman fluent in the ways of sarcasm and good-humor, although both generally lean towards the dry side.

For those of you who wonder what my Pen-Name means, it is from a book series by C.L. Wilson, Tairen Soul. 'Kem', in Feyan, means 'My', and 'Ajiana' means 'Sweet One'. Therefore, Kem'Ajiana means: My Sweet One. Similar words : Kem'Falla (My Heart), Kem'San (My Love / My Heart).

l was once asked what my nicknames were, so I'll put them here. If you see anyone calling me these two names, it's probably because they've known me a good, long while. First, if anyone calls me Rin,it's my BFF, 'Shaw. I've known him since we were in the Seventh grade. I know why call him 'Shaw, but I cannot begin to remember why he alls me Rim. The 2nd is Mutt-this Stems from my Freshman days in High School and is something I started mistakenly. Never call your family a bunch of mutts in front of a class of a-holes.

Likes: Childhood memoirs, Anime / Manga, Reading, Writing, Work (occasionally), Realistic Views

Neutral: Television, Video Games, Movies

Dislikes: Whiners & complainers, Optimists & Pessimists, Not having a plan, Being broke

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