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One day, one of my best friends in 4th grade made a homemade book out of printer paper. I read it, i thought it was a good idea, but really didn't know much so I just copied what she did and wrote a better story.This said book was called B.R.Y.A.N, in honor of the Bryan Breeding from B5(How embarrassing). Once I was done I was so proud of myself and showed it to everyone. I even attempted a sequel, but never finished it because I started a whole new project, on the spot, on my mom's laptop on the way back to my house coming from a friend's house on Christmas. This new story was called The Sad Girl, but the plot had no balance and I quickly dropped it. Note, I was 10.

From then 'til now I went through many different projects which include The Fad(which was only an idea, it never made it to the writing process), The Path to Teenage Stardom(which is the final title to How the Shy Girl Made It Big and Not an Ordinary Girl), Finding Love to Burn, The Vampiress, Life Partners, A Heartless Valentine, and Young Love is the Hardest Love(My Nanowrimo 2009 that didn't win).

As for my writing topics, I tend to shift from one to another. I specialize in things like romance, or something I feel I can really relate to. Fantasy is something that can not be forced, but given to a writer's mind. Lately, I've been experimenting with "out there" relationships, like incest, same sex, etc.


7.14.10- In case you're wondering, I'm starting over in the Fiction Press world. Many of my previous stories prove how young I used to be and I don't like them anymore. I also did some growing up over the years since I've made this account in 2007. I was in 6th grade when I posted my first story, that I never finished. It was called "Finding Love to Burn", and it was around the time I first discovered vampire stories. Believe it or not, my first vampire story was not Twilight. It was my second, but my first was actually a story by a girl who's no longer a member on Quizilla. That story made me want to read more vampire stories, until I actually made one. Now, I wasn't the best writer in 6th grade, but I have been writing for quite a few years. I think my first story was made when I was about 5. I was in a 2nd grade reading class, and we had to write a story. I'm not sure where that story is now...but I digress.

As of late, I have decided to pick up writing again, after my hard time dealing with Nanowrimo with a ton of homework, and other interests. This new project has a tentative title of IDILWYFAE, based off my relationship that I currently have. Now, that sounds iffy, but trust me, I only got the idea and some of the character traits from my life. Everything else...well it's just wishful thinking for the future. I've outlined this story to be a trilogy, with the main being released first, the sequel, then the prequel. It does feature the love life of 2 women, however I will put a disclaimer when I decided to post it(meaning: when I finish it). I am also working on two other stories, my Nanowrimo 2009 and a story I started in 7th grade called Life Partners. It all depends on how I feel, but I hope to finish some of my stories very soon. As a matter of fact, my Nanowrimo's first draft is finished.

Story Descriptions:

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IDILWYFAE- Alyssa has trouble dealing with a friend who's has a bit of an overactive sex life. This doesn't help the fact with the fact that Alyssa's partner, Sage, isn't the best at speaking her mind. Not to mention Sage's mom isn't the most accepting person in the U.S. Alyssa is a bee away from its hive, and her blind passion could cost her a romantic partner permanently.

Young Love is the Hardest Love-Summary TBA

Life Partners- 2 cousins, one love, what drama!Hiatus

A Heartless Valentine- Xemnas returns and this time he brought the entire organization AND the heartless. Why oh why did he team up with Maleficent?Hiatus

The Path to Teenage Stardom- Young Marie has what most dream about. From an average girl to a rock star. Here's her story Hiatus

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