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Blatantly female, aspiring writer, 19, at a crossroads

Hello there, and welcome to my profile. I go by Maeria, and I've come here to write. Writing has long been my favorite thing to do: it was through certain circumstances and my inability to appropriately combat them that it didn't become my primary occupation. But alas, that doesn't stop me from coming here to do just that, doesn't it?

My writing

Regardless of any shortcomings, I tend to like how I write. I don't expect to be liked by everyone who reads me: I'm not a proffesional, nor am I expecting to appeal to everyone's tastes.

My stance on plagiarism

I know I have no control over someone quietly coming onto the site, copying my work and doing whatever with it: this was my primary reason for pondering on my posting here for all of four years. This, however, does not make any plagiarist or thief any less dishonest. Anything and everything you write, draw or otherwise create is ultimately entitled to you, its creator, and nobody has a right over it without your permission.

My stance on feedback (otherwise known as 'please, comment, even if it's to tell me I stink!')

I joined FP because, whilst writing alone and on my own would protect my manuscripts from theft and impersonation, I know I need feedback to progress. Honestly and sincerely (and without denying that I love praise as much as the next person), the very best kind of criticism is the honest kind: when your reviewer actually wants to point out your mistakes to you, when she or he is trying to teach you something and brings an error of yours to your attention. What I mean to say is: don't be afraid to criticize. Yes, I know there are pedants out there who merely do this to make themselves look smart or important, but I tend to think even these kinds of comments contain a grain of useful truth.

To wrap things up, if you have anything to say on my grammar, spelling, language, characterization, diction and so on, don't abstain: just try to point out what you don't like instead of saying 'I hatesss you, you stink' and running off (or, if you prefer to, leave the hateful message at the top and then point out what doesn't agree with you )

The Fool is one of Them
Cover by the lovely Burlew: http:///art/The-Fool-is-one-of-Them-190366406

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