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well...uh...I'm an average 14 yr old who plans on taking over the world one day but for now is writing a story on this very site.

(shocker, that one..no?)

Any who Olivia Hastings is not my name but is the first that popped into my head at the time. My interests are irrelevent but since I'm such a blabbermouth I'll tell you anyway.

I like to read. A LOT. Trust me on this one. I don't have any pets but I love animals...to some extent and am the laziest thing ever to scar the face of the earth.

Yeah...that was a lot...so here are the things i live by:

“The human mind is limitless”……..and not just in any one way.…… “You can’t hassle with every fool you come across”…that’s right, let go of the mirror……. “Sometimes it’s better to lie back and let things happen”….just be careful of that anvil about to hit your head….. “Don’t worry, be happy”….it’s free in the sense that you don’t have to pay for botox, so turn that baby upside down! ... “Think. Feel. But never do”….Ever…… “Self-pity to life is what poison is to food”….so take it down quick…. “When you are where I’ve been the only place to go, is up”….some of us have the ability to go even further down …. “Not a wise man nor a brave man lies down in the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him”…I bet he was too chicken to try….. “Water is not ice”…unless found in the freezer….. “Why did the chicken cross the road? Cuz there was nothing good on TV”…… “Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching”….pretend that all of that isn’t bloody impossible….. “The best lack conviction while the worst have passionate intensity”….but I have a cookie……. “When you lie you steal someone’s right to the truth”…how do I know that they own it in the first place?...

Well that ought to tell a lot about me in general, and this is just for laughs. Oh, yeah, an’ the names used are actually nicknames so don’t freak out on me, ‘kay? Btw, they’re all chics.

Stoner: It’s not fair! The other schools have holidays till the 5th and we only have them till the 12th!

Me: Uh, yeah, so?

Stoner: Well, they get more!

Us: ……

Phatty: You’re gonna fail tomorrow’s math exam, you know that right? (We all start laughing hysterically…except Stoner, she thought theirs were till the 5th of February and our holidays were till 12th January even though it was the 22nd of the said month….)

(After Bio Exam)

Phatty (to me): Hey, Kuzko, chloroplasts are the ones in animal cells, right?

(Incidentally, now whenever we’re walking around and happen to find a sunny spot, we ‘photosynthesize’)

Me (to Japaki) we like to pretend that she and stoner are lesbian lovers….and some even believe it…: Your girlfriend just ate your stolen goods. (Referring to the bar of chocolate I’d stolen from her and shared with Stoner)

She starts laughing.

Me: Yes! (The whole arms throwing at the sky deal) She finally gets one of my pervy jokes!

Phatty: She only laughed ‘cause youz twos did.

Me: Noooo. Japaki, did you get it?

Japaki: No.

Me: (sigh)

For any who care, I'm taking down Cuz We're Cool Like That, abd replacing it with Palettes And Hues, because they are basically the same thing except I'm going at it from a different angle AND I've changed a replaced some characters and added some. And I have nothing to say on the story yet.

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