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Wolves wolvs wolves all i see is wolves, i watch Wolf's Rain, read shap shifter books, and i write this story on a werewolf groove. My story Rotture Della Luna is about werewolves... thats why i read and watch all this stuff. by the way the name means Tears of the Moon, i got it translated so it would be cooler. all the teenage pack memers banes mean wolf, that was fun.

I'm young and i have terrible spelling as you can see if you ever read my un edited version. so if yousee a miss spelling or have a question on something give mereveiw i do pay attention to them! i have big plans for this story depending on how maney people like it and stuff i may take it further. I've had lots of fun writeing the story even if not all of the readers liked it or desided to come back to it later!

I hope you like my story and if you bother reading this then good for you! reveiw! i cant get better unless reveiws are made! :D

with chapter 4 i shall now post a cover! http:///29d7bpz.jpg tada i hope you like it!

with the posting chapter 5 i shall now show you this! An Add(if i could use them) for Luna: http:///m8cyde.jpg

ok hi every one! just here to say that Luna is done and i'm on to the next story (which will hopefully be less confuseing!) i'm still thinking on the idea it needs some work but i hope to post the first chapter some time during the next week weeks or so! i hope to post a summery here soon. see you all soon!

Update: alright so i have a summery for Bound Soul Cursed Soul. really this story is takeing on its own life, i thought i would have a shifter for my main charecter and i guess in a way i do but she isn't really one... more of a mage if you ask me but here you go for all who check on me.

Bound Soul, Cursed Soul: Born without a Kindred spirit, Mina was hated and shunned by her shifter family. Now that she has found peace why do they still hunt her? And what about that demon boy?

warning this story has a life of its own, i have an idea on where it will go but what happens along the way and if it actuly makes it there are a little... iffy? sure it will find its own end but the one i plan? may or may not get used.

fot thouse who come here i may post some minor spoilers such as tee hee there is a soon to be a young shifter girl in nthe group! she's odd too and there indeed some made up versions of animals that are sure to be sprinckled here and there (i don't wana get to creative or else the explinations and descriptions may get a bit much.) as you know from reading this story takes place in another world(which has yet to be named.)

Hi every one this section is going to be for a story called "Innocent Demon"

Now i must warn you, this may be a whole series. now first off i want to tell you that while the Title includes Demon the people in this story are not really demons. They are a diffrent kind of human that are called Oni (Japanese, can be translated to Demon or Devil) they are called this because when they use their power their eyes change color. Yes they will have powers. This story will take place on our very own earthy, though in the future. The main charecter will be named 'Abigail' she will be 16, 5 foot 4 inches. short brown hair and Black eyes.

The story line itself is still being worked on, at this point all i know is that Abigail's just 'became' an Oni, she will be hunted because you see she is the Rarest Kind of Oni, a Spirit Oni, The government has caught and studied all the other kinds but they can't get their hands on a Spirit Oni because well, they are always protected by at least twenty or so other Oni.

Um so don't worry too much about all of this confusing stuff. i have desided and have already started to make an "Oni feild Guide", Abi will receave one in the story itself.

Update!!Ok first off i have desided where to put the feild guide in ID. It will Be in the top of each chapter starting after Chapter two. Now i will post some basic info on the world of Innocent Demon.

The year is 2867 C.E. (Commen Era- aparently this in now what is used for 'political correctness' so says my AP History Teacher) Earth Is no longer fighting for recorses or space because they have colonies on Mars and the Moon. Also there are some seriouse space expoditions going on, looking for another solarsystem and inhabitable planet. Now This story will take place on Earth, the feild Guide was written 54 years before the Start of Inocent demon and has some more indeapth info on the Number of Oni, also Oni are only born on Earth. there are no records on any of the colonies.

Our main charecter is as i said before Named Abigail( if you want more specifics look up a few Pharagraphes) When she was Young her Father(who is also a Spirit Oni) left her at her Grandparents' house when she was six. Now as for the Types of Oni there are Now 8( there had origanly been 7 but i thought of one more last minute they are the youngest type of Oni, only been around 54 years or so) Ok first There are four element type Oni; fire, water, earth, and air. All Oni have Black eyes and for a good reason, when an Oni uses their power their eyes will flash a color (the guide has specifics). Now i know every one can gues the element Oni's powers (or at least some).

Now afer the Elements there are 2 kinds nature Oni. Plant Oni and Savage Oni,Though the plant one is obvius a Savage Oni has a Bond with animals. After thouse two are the Two types of Ethereal Oni, both are very Rare and one has gotten Rarer over the 54 years after the feild guide, There are the Spirit Spirit Oni (Very very Rare) And the Newbie Shadow Oni. So The Spirit Oni have gotten rarer over the years because of one reason. Oni are evolving. Since the Shadow Oni became and they are born like 1 out of 8,000 Oni (spirit Oni used to be 1:5,000) So the Spirit Oni Birth rate slowed until it matched the Shadow Oni Birth rate. Now this happened for a Reason. Shadow Oni and Spirit Oni are now Partners, A Shadow Oni can only Live 20- 30 years without finding a Spirit Oni. The reason you may ask. Spirit Oni generate a lot of energy, also every one wants one, so The Shadow Oni (who only has about 20-30 years of Life energy) sucks up the boundless unused energy the Spirit Oni never uses in exchange he/she will protect their partner.

Um ok so now that i have some info on the 'world' i want to say that i have writen chapter one already its a whopping 8,945 words( a rocord for me) The style is mostly gothic i think. I want to have chapter Two done and start on chapter 5 before i think about posting. i will put a notice up about this Info in chapter 8 of Bound Souls. if you have any questions on ID please feel free to ask (it may help me because it may be something i never thought of) so see you later!

Another Idea came to me (it is a little like a bunch of manga i just read, but it is diffrent). Ok so this New Idea is called Sky Bound: Worlds Collide

Ok this idea is a Si/Fi kinda thing. The year is 4500 A.C.E. The planate is New world ‘Nova.’ SO yea we (as in you and I) are on earth (which is a distant memory for the inhabitants of Nova) in the year 2011 C.E. so just so you know a loooong time has past.

I'll post a good summery soon.

EXTREAMLYIMPORTANT!! :For any of my readers who have seen the notice... i will now explaine. Last week when i came up to my computer to update i found that my computer had crashed... Also i lost most of my Newest story... i had saved but who knows where the files are... i didn't back them up... So i will be takeing a break due to this horror that has really put me down in the dumps... I am sory to say but i am considering Dropping both unfinished stories... i will officaly deside that at a later date. I sorry if any are truly disapointed... i will focus on school for now...

Update!! I have officaly desided to drop my two unfinished works... for now... i plan on coming back to them one day but i... i just cant face that right now... if i reread what i have writen up till now i'll want to change it... so yea... i'm going to take down Sky bound soon...but i'll leave up Bound Souls. If i plan to continue one it will be Bound souls... though i have a feeling that i will get ideas together and change it up... same story line but some changes are bound to be made... agin i am sory.

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