The Daniel City Heroes
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Ricky: Hey, what's up y'all!

Lanette: Hey, how ya doin'?

Bell: This is so cool! We're on the internet! Famous people might be watching us!

Aaron: Maybe even heroes from all of the different universes that connect to this place!

Cameron: I know, this is radical!

Maxwell: Will you please calm down for a second so I can introduce us?

Elliot: Why do you get to introduce us?

Cherry: Yeah! Who died and made you leader?

Maxwell: Fine, I'll start the introduction then you guys can jump in whenever you want. Sound alright?

Elliot: Yeah.

Cherry: Whatever.

Maxwell: Okay then. (clears throat) Hey, everyone. We're the Daniel City Heroes.

Tony: D.C.H.!

Maxwell: We are fourteen kids from a city called Daniel City, California. We all got superpowers one day from this blast of energy that surrounded our town...


Maxwell: Not the way I would've said it, but it's true.

Florencia: We'll tell them more about ourselves later. Right now let's just focus on the reason why we're here.

Erika: (under breath) Bossy boots.

Florencia: I heard that!

Erika: (regular volume) Anyway, we're letting you all know that we will be bringing you guys a bunch of new stories to read. We'll even be hosting them.

Mimi: Also, before, you could only find us on FanFiction and we only appeared as the hosts of the stories we put on there, but now you can read about our adventures in our self-titled story, The Daniel City Heroes.

Erika: Oooooooh.

Mimi: Yeah, oooooooh.

Cameron: But if you wanna have any characters from our stories in one o' yours, you gotta ask us first.

Tony: Yeah, so no stealin'! We bust robbers everyday and lay da smackdown on 'em like it's nobody's business!

Cherry: And don't hesitate to let us know if you want to put us in a story. I'd love to read one about me fighting next to some hot guys.

Lanette: You and me too girl. You and me too.

Maxwell: Ooookaaaay. So anyway, that's it for now so... Oh wait. April, Edwin, you two have been really quiet so far. Is there anything you want to add?

April: No, you guys said pretty much everything.

Edwin: I'm sure if we think of something else to say, we'll just tell them later.

Maxwell: Okay then. Let's get this show on the road. See you later.


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