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Hello there! This is the joint account of Kyria-Asimi and Venustas Iaceo. The basis of our not-so-clever combo name is that "kyria" is Greek for Lady and "venustas" means beauty/beautiful/beauteous. So together we become Lady Beauteous, which I must muse sounds a bit like a bad rap artist trying to bulk up that a woman can be feminine and yet shoot you in the face.

I'm pretty all right with that.

This account is where all stories based in the Lockhall universe will be posted. We won't take any stories off of the other places they're posted, but we will be reuploading stories here for easy access as to not throw readers all across the interwebz to find one very broken up series. If you're a fan of the Lockhall Universe, enjoy. Old stories will be posted here, likely proofread, and edited. It'll take Venustas awhile to get Hard Candy improved, but those of you who like it and want a go-over of less-suck, enjoy that. The eventual revamp will be here.

A lot of people asked for a sequel to Hard Candy, but I just can't do that. The future gets very broken up. There are a lot of events that simply wouldn't fit in an epilogue. It'd probably be a worse epilogue than J.K. Rowling... honestly, that says something.

So Kyria and I are going to work on short stories of the characters which have been brewing in our heads for nearly three years now. We're sorry for the break that we've taken, but there is a lot more unwritten than things seem and we aren't dead. :) Just getting married.

We'll have something posted in three days, so be on the look out!

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Both look more dead than they actually are.

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