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We are all floating the sea of the inevitable. To think that by simply pressing a button or taking the path that no one else wanted to travel will suddenly, magically change what you are already destined to do is a mistaken idea.The fact that you tried to avoid the inevitable at all only plays further into the hands of fate-like an actor in a play, you're only reading your lines.

okay . . . .

Sooo, I geuss that most people would click here to learn about me . . . . .but what is there to know? Nothing interesting, that much I can tell you now. But according to random online quizzes (which make things sooo much more exciting) I am . . . (if you're still reading, you must be desperate to find out something . . . kinda stalker like, dontcha think? Sike-Just kidding.)


Out of yin and yang, I'm the dark one (does anyone know which one that is? I thought it was yang, but . . . guess not)

-If I were a goddess, I'd be either Persephone or Athena, according to the quiz

-I'm a rainbow!(I wanted rain!)

-I'm alternative music (yea!)

-I'm a cosmos(flower)

-I'm some king's daughter

-I'm an owl

-I'm an egyption (not in real life, but I'm black, so I'm somewhere around there . . . I assume)

-I'm a mermaid!

-If I were a vampire, I'd be the vicious type that'd tear people apart (Sorry Twilight lovers. I hate the book. So damn cliche and over done . . .)

-I'm Marie Antoinette (yea!)

-In a fairy tale, I'd be the villan(um . . . when took that, I realized that most of my favorite characters I write about or heard of were the villan O.o)

-I am photography

-I only kinda crave attention, but who doesn't (hehe . . .not my favorite quiz. It made me feel like I was someone that i hate right now)

-I'm a fire fairy

-I'm Venus (the planet)

-Lastly, I'm a gun-swinging actress with a double life. (hehe. guns r awsome. GO GUNS! Except in wars or murder cases. Then it somewhat looses its fine qualities . . )

So, that somes up everything you needed to know(I dont really care what you wanted to know. This isn't some dating website.) about me. THe good news is, I've just wasted several minutes of your time without really saying anything. The gooder news is that I'm still not done. But the bad news is . . .its Sunday. School tomorrow. >sigh

Okay, so besides talking about how gloriously glorious I am, My stories are gonna have their own super special summary here. I don't really know how good that'll go, but I'll try to update when I can. But before you start readiing or whatever, there are a few things you should know:

My kinda strange, so you might not wanna read em if you're offended by . . .



-religion vs. atheism


-twisted fairytale creatures.

- possible incest


-real vampires (twilight makes me wanna through up, in case you wanna know.)

-angels and demons

-the world as my twised little mind sees it.


-a few weird/messed up/insane/inane/posibly true theories about the world as we know it.

-general insanity.

Don't like it? Don't read it. Flaming is just a stupid waste of time on everyone's part, and while there are children dying,illnesses to defeat, and any other problems in the world to fix, I think that u simply tearing down someone else's work, as if u urself r so damn full of perfection, is slightly sickening.

Thank u.

Upcoming/Ongoing Stories_


-I've decided to bring it back. Yay! It's been edited some, although there wasnt really much for me to edit at that point.

Ever since her mother died while in labor with her, Marzi has been deemed an outcast, somone to be avoided at all cost. Her rascist aunt and "perfect" cousins only make matters worse for her by treating her less and less like family, and more like a slave. Desperate to escape her home and school, she oneday decides to run away in an abandoned boat she'd found on the side of a river. But while mapping out her route, she accidently finds an anciet looking candy shop. There she meets Wilma and Lea, a mother and daughter who may know things about Marzi's mother that she possibly died to keep hidden.

Paper Flower Fields.

Set in France during the reign of Terror. Madelein has runaway from strcit and controling family to live out on the streets. As she struggles to survive without resorting to selling herself, she meets a prostitute around her age. Caroline is unlike anyone else that Madelein has met since she left home; from the way that the girl clings to her old manners and customs, Madelein can tell that she was from better stock. As she soon finds out,she had no reason to leave home of become a prostitute; her aunt and uncle gave her all the freedom she wanted and they had been extremely wealthy. And yet, the mark on Caroline's neck tells the story of her downfall after meeting the elusive and yet briliant members of the Brotherhood almost two years ago, including one of its most powerful members, a man by the name of Gabriel. And yet, due to a fatal mistake on her part, she was abandoned, ashamed, and left suddenly alone. And yet, after taking in Madelein and becoming her friend, Caroline once again becomes involved with the Brothrhood when they contact her asking about the girl she'd been caring for.And suddenly, a whole new world is shown to Madelein, one of magic and fears, power and desperation, of love and betrayal. And, unbeknowst to her, she's at the center of it all.

Sorry if i get some of the historical information there screwed up. i'm trying my best.

Art is such a misunderstood thing.
Fiction: Horror - Rated: T - English - Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 540 - Published: 10/27/2009