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NEWS: 06/11/11

Wow, the time has just flown by! All graduated from college and ready for life! The sky's the limit I say, even in a recession! :P

This summer is a writing summer for me! Since I no longer have to worry about homework! (What a relief! whew!) I get to write what I want to write! YAY! :)

With that in mind...

The Rescue: is currently on hiatus.

I know, I know. I'm sorry.

It is originally an idea I had for a much better and greater story. I might continue it, I might not. At this rate, I might take it down and keep it locked safely away in a folder somewhere. :P It is not my best writing and definitely needs a rewrite...it is almost shameful to let it exist in its current state, lol.

I know there were some of you who really wanted an update, buut...I'm not sure it'll happen. It just...died. Poor thing. I might resurrect it eventually using its ideas later down the road...some might get posted on here, some not.


As these stories on here are my original ideas, I find it harder to submit everything I am absolutely proud of. (PLAGIARISTS!! Ughh!!!)

PLAGIARISM is a big pet peeve of mine, (some of my favorite authors on here were plagiarized and had to move.) I don't want that to be me. Soo...I've decided to post the stories that I believe have no future, except to be enjoyed by great readers like you! :)

I should probably warn you to beware of the cliche, hahaha. It's gotta come out somewhere!! I personally believe cliche can be wonderful, if its done WELL.

At any rate, I aim to post more stories on here that are simply MINE. I miss my original stories!! :)

Have a great summer everyone! Happy Writing!


About Me...

Brand new college graduate, who lives in New York, who likes to read, write and be outside as much as possible! :) I love character based stories, (especially when it comes to TV shows) but enjoys a great fantasy world as well. Anything outside of our reality, the impossible, the supernatural, was meant for me I think.

I LIVE for the unreal. Perhaps that's why I became a writer. ;)


I recently joined fanfiction.net and set up an account! I have 1 story for Harry Potter there and 1 for Avatar and 3 for Nikita. Check it out! Updates soon!! :D


Favorite TV Shows:




Game of Thrones



The Big Bang Theory

The Vampire Diaries

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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