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Blanket Statements that work towards describing me:

I liked starting over at a new school

I can’t decide if I like change or not

I tend not to make decisions beforehand, unless it comes to my morals.

My values are really strong, I rarely disobey them

My reactions in situations depends on my morality and sense of right and wrong, sometimes I may do things I wouldn’t otherwise do if it serves the greater good.

I am introverted

I like having deep conversations

I like hearing people’s opinions

I like hearing constructive criticism

I have a low tolerance for stupidity

I can’t deal with incompetence

I am not as shallow as most people

I like being spiritual

I think about spiritual matters a lot

I contemplate more than anyone should

I analyze more then anyone should, mostly motives and guessing at people’s past situations that make them act the way they do.

I honestly try to do the right thing

There have been situations where I have negated something just to negate something and I can’t quite explain that tendency

I have a constant need to find a cause to rebel against, I was once told I’m the quintessential rebel without a cause.

I root for the underdog.

I don’t see the value in arbitrary or monotonous things.

I don’t see the value in anything being set in stone.

I guess that means I like change and adaptability.

I am good with kids.

I don’t like how girls are manipulative

Whenever I see something I don’t like I try not to do it myself

I have a high sense of personal responsibility

I get anxious

I try to take everything on myself

I try to learn a lesson from every person I meet

I try to make sure that everyone I appreciate knows that I appreciate them

I am getting more open

I like making my own decisions

I like independence

I think that if everyone treated everyone else as an intelligent human being, even the stupid ones, we would all be better off and people would eventually get smarter (I reference Darwin on this hypothesis, just let all the stupid ones die off)

I want to make a difference, even if it’s just with in a few people’s lives

I don’t feel the need to “check in”, I am responsible for my own health and safety I don’t report to anyone else.

I think dress codes are dumb.

I read more than anyone should.

I have opinions but I know when to let people make their own minds up.

I like art.

I like writing.

I like books.

I have always been nerdy, but never obnoxious about it.

I don’t like science.

I don’t do straight memorization.

I took a test that said I was an INFP and that is the most accurate description I have ever read about myself.

I hate it when things don’t have meaning.

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