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8/26/09 - I had one of those little three-in-the-morning brain bubbles last night, and it turned into Souls for Sale. It's short and rather nonsensical, but I'm fairly fond of it.


I'll tell you my name is Kaye; whether I'm lying or not is up to you to decide. (Hint: I am.)

I've been told I'm a little eccentric, sometimes cynical and a bit nerdtastic. I talk too fast and drink too much coffee; 'sleep' is something for only when there's nothing better to do. I'm mostly a lurk-in-the-shadows kind of gal, but occasionally I'll make a brief appearance in the light. I often wear ridiculous hats and laugh at the reactions. I'm actually incredibly vain, but I'll deny it to my dying breath if you so accuse me. I start slowly dying inside every moment there's not a piece of gum in my mouth, and although my room can be as messy as you please, I'd rather die than see my bookshelf anything less than meticulous. I sometimes lie just for the fun of it, so anything I tell you should be taken with caution (or reckless abandon, if it so floats your boat).

So that's me. (Or is it?)


Souls for Sale: So you'd like to sell your soul? That's great. But who says that just because she's an evil (business-running) sorceress, she wants it? /ONESHOT/

Souls for Sale reviews
So you want to sell your soul? That's just great. But who says she wants to buy it? Evil sorceresses do have better things to do, you know - especially when they have a business to run. /ONE-SHOT/
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