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NOTICE! I will be doing some extensive editing in all of my stories and replacing them completely as new stories. I doubt anyone has paid much attention or looks at my profile, but if you'd like to finish reading my stories, please check back or like my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Emile-Amadare/221840704521165 for updates.

Please read if you'd like!! My pen name is Emile Amadare (first name English, last name Japanese). I've wanted to be a manga artist for years, but I recently became VERY unsure of that and pretty much decided not to. However, I still want to finish the stories I had in mind, even if I am not a great author. I love anime and manga, romance and drama, gothic/emo/lolita/Victorian style fashion, and heavy metal/industrial/electronic music. I have a hobby of drawing, obviously since I wanted to be a manga artist, but it generally stresses me out because I'm nowhere as good as a professional manga artist needs to be. Anyway, I do have an attachment to my characters and do want to eventually finish their stories. Most of my stories will have a lot of romance and drama, many of them same-sex couples. I am VERY pro-gay, so if you're not into that, none of my stories are for you. If you love emotional, even sappy romance, I hope you'll like my stories. I don't consider myself to be a great author; I find the story to be more important than the literary techniques used to write it. I write what I want and I love using emotions. My plots may not be very strong, but I hope you can look past that and love my characters and their stories as much as I do. :)

Many of my stories will have heavy romance (which includes explicit scenes), and the characters will be late teens to early twenties.

These are some stories that I have uploaded before but needed to rewrite. I've been messing with them for years:

Leukas&Dimitri (Romance/Angst rated M)

Leukas and Dimitri are best friends. They are both loners, outcasts, and have troubled families, which causes them to bond so well. Dimitri always knew he was gay, and Leukas always accepted him. But Dimitri has always been in love with him, so much that he sees no one else. When Leukas gives him a chance, they feel even closer than ever, and the happiness of being together is enough to overshadow the bad things in life... usually.

Rated M for sexuality, language, mild drug use, self-harm.

Roscoe&John (Romance/Angst rated M)

Lesli Roscoe Obsidian, known as Roscoe, loses his dad and has to live with his aunt. He develops a very strong relationship with her enchantingly unusual son, who he hasn't seen in years. As hard as it is, they must keep it a secret, or else chaos happens.

Rated M for sexuality, first cousin incest, language, rape.

Murdoch and Elijah (Romance/Angst rated M)

After falling love with someone who didn't love him back, and thus a bad break up, Murdoch got a reputation for being the gay slut at his school. After a homophobic basketball player develops feelings for him, things change for both of them.

Rated M for sexuality, language, drug use.

All of the stories above tie together in some way because some of the characters will show up again in my story Gothic Angels, where they get involved in a world with creatures that humans never knew about. It will be a romance/fantasy.

These are a few ideas I have for future stories, in case you are interested (please don't steal!):

Ethereal Endeavor (Fantasy/Adventure/Romance Rated M)

Several young adults get thrown into another realm where, with the help of several gods and goddesses, they must put a stop to a spreading, rabies-like disease while at the same time fighting off the bloodlust of their new enemy.

Rated M for violence, language, possible sexuality.

Kingdom Envenom (Fantasy/Romance rated T)

Nero and Loki are two dark elves living in a kingdom ruled by a cruel king. They want to overthrow him, and fall in love on the way.

Iris's Surprise (Romance/Comdey? rated M)

Miharu has been using an online dating service and has fallen in love with a guy who she finally decides to meet in person. But when he shows up... turns out he's a woman! And not just any woman, a famous lesbian J-pop/visual kei star Amane!

Rated M for sexual content.

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