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I will probably not appear as an author in this site, for I am NOT any kind of author (musician and engineer yes, but no author).

However, I have been a voracious reader of science fiction for over 40 years. (Yes, I am a Grandpa!)

I enjoy "comic" fiction -- Superman, Iron man, Batman ... etc

I also enjoy "Pulp" hero fiction -- Doc Savage, The Shadow ... etc

Finally, I am most into "Hard" science fiction -- David Drake, Robert Heinlein, E.E. Doc Smith, Edmund Hamilton, Harry Harrison, David Weber, Eric Flint, Travis Taylor and other published authors of that caliber.

I would not be surprised at all to find authors of the future among the authors publishing fiction on this site. Not being an author, I do not feel that I can give much in the way of technical advice. To me, the most important thing is - does the story pull me into that universe. It is critical that the story be consistent within itself - that is to say, whatever the "rules" (physical laws, psychic laws ... etc) of the universe must remain consistent within the story. Secondly, the dialog must move the story along and not bog it down. Lastly, I am NOT interested in slash or so-called "adult" fiction - neither is my "cup of tea".

I will not flame any author who writes slash or "adult" fiction in a review - I appreciate the "slash warnings" in the descriptions, then I know not to read that particular story!

All reviews will be my honest opinion as a very experienced consumer of science fiction and of the "silver age" of the comicdom universe. As a reader, I appreciate the labor of love that is represented by the writers herein - thank you in advance for sharing your stories with us!

As Tom Corbett, Space Cadet would say: "Spaceman's Luck to all authors!"