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Hello, and welcome. I'm Anthony Mercier, author of the Sovereign Soul series.

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Current Works:

.:Sovereign Soul:.

Enter a world entwined with the fate of another...

The spirit realm is a fantastical place. Divided from the world of reality, the place of spirits is split apart into thousands of individual realms, each taking on its own roles with unique people, places, and even races. Not only are there spirits – the souls which passed over after death – but there are spirit-born, those who live and die by these worlds. Above them all are Defenders. Defenders are those who still live, but can cross over into the spirit realm and fight to protect it. Doing so is said to protect both worlds. However, if that were the case... why is the realm of the living falling apart?

.:. Book One : Akin Minds .:.

Ryoku Dragontalen, a Defender, begins his journey amid the whispers of a foggy past. He fights for one simple task: to rescue a man who appeared to him seeking help. However, a flurry of endless secrets and questionable motives threaten to sway his path. In a world packed with mystery, action, adventure, romance, and the vast sense of something yet untold, Ryoku Dragontalen must find his way through a new world as the journey begins.

.:. Book Two : Hierarchy of Lars .:.

With only a matter of days left to complete his goal, Ryoku has only a matter of days to grow strong enough to face the empire in war. Will works to rile Syaoto up in time to meet the dark empire in war. But, as Ryoku learns more about his enemies, rumor lurks of an even stronger entity than Lars Ordenstraum - and it is about to reawaken.

.:. Book Three : Remnant Shadows .:.

In the wake of Orden's revolution and the shocking reveal of Chris Olestine, Ryoku and his comrades find themselves in a new predicament. Hailed by enemies old and new, Ryoku must gather his strength to face the enemy who lurked in the shadows all along.

.:. Book Four: Threads of the Immortals.:.

After a harrowing encounter, Ryoku is trapped in the realms of the gods to reexperience his own truth. Meanwhile, things begin to stir among the main group. The Devil's Hand is rising to power, and the Eternity Network is ready to support them.

.:. Book Five: The Devil's Hand .:.

Conflict with the mysterious association, the Devil's Hand, reaches a boiling point. Matters only become more dire as new alliances forge to take down this elite group once and for all.

.:. Sovereign Soul: The Eternity Network .:.

A three-part sequel to Sovereign Soul. Two years after the events of The Devil's Hand, the enemies of Gaia have finally arrived - and they mean business. Of course, Ryoku and his allies haven't been wasting time, and have grown substantially to meet them head-on. But... will it be enough? These titles are tentative.

.:. Book One .:.

Aided by the support of a new generation of Defenders, Ryoku leads the battle against the Eternity Network. In the early battles, the Ringlet of Steel arrives.

.:. Book Two .:.

After being wrought with loss and nearly ravaged, Ryoku and friends must work together to gather the pieces. A member of the Ringlet diverges to Ryoku's team.

.:. Book Three .:.

When all is almost lost, the final battle against the remaining Ringlet of Steel transpires, and the leader makes themselves apparent. The conflict boils down to a final question - which Ryoku Dragontalen is meant to bring the light?

.:. Legendlore .:.

A prequel to Akin Minds. Ronyx Mercy is an ordinary boy with a dark past, until he is abruptly thrust into a world of spirits, demons, and angels. These titles are tentative.

.:. Book One : The Reaper .:.

Ronyx Mercy becomes the first of a group of Defenders. Joined by friends Cam, Andrew, and Curtis, Ronyx delves into the Spirit World in search of his true identity. Hindered by a mysterious clan calling themselves Reapers, Ronyx must fight to protect his friends and unveil truth.

.:. Book Two: The Emperor .:.

As Ronyx's powers grow, the company learns of a great evil that looms over the horizon. In the shadow of this ruler, denizens of the spirit realm begin to fight back against the new Defenders.

.:. Book Three: The Avenger .:.

When all seems to have come to peace, Ronyx Mercy stumbles upon a truth larger than the lot of them. The spirit world gives way to the ruins of old civilizations, where old enemies and powerful truths become apparent.

.:. Book Four: The Legion .:.

In the thick of battle, a new enemy arrives that may spell the end for Ronyx and his friends. Is there a point to stand against them, or were Ronyx and his friends never meant to make it this far?

.:. The Rightful King .:.

A sequel to Akin Minds, presumed to take place ten years after the events of Akin Minds. Arthur, a young Defender, is discovered to be the promised king of the spirit realm. He joins up with Ryoku Dragontalen and friends, along with new faces, to form the new Round Table and begin a journey to solidify his reign as king.

.:Blood Feud:.

The two-book sequel-series to Akin Minds, which stars Luke and Michael Lodi, two siblings with very different lives. From a young age, Michael (whose spirit name is Roran) has been a renowned pure-hearted Silphite - a being who shares the same powers in the Physical and Spirit World - while leaving his younger, untalented brother in the dark. Until, that is, Luke discovers an ancient relic called the Bloodstone, which changes his life forever, and becomes a Defender; who only has powers in the Spirit World. Luke/Syaoh and Michael/Roran live different lives leading to the same end.

.:. Book One : Feud .:.

Chris Lodi happens upon a mysterious stone in an underground grove one day, which gives him the powers of a Defender and he becomes Syaoh "Loki," changing his name as to not appear related to Roran. He enters the Spirit World in secret to one day show his older brother up. They live different lives in the world, while Roran does not know who Luke really is. They share common enemies and Guardians on different sides of the law. But when things that the Physical World should have never seen begin to walk the streets, Syaoh must decide which is more important; his feud, or his world.

.:. Book Two: Blood .:.

In the wake of disaster, Syaoh and Roran must team up in order to try and right the wrongs that happened to the world.

.:Spirit World:.

The riveting one to two-book conclusion of the separated realms. After the spirit realm and physical worlds separated, darkness fell across both. The physical realm became a wasteland. The spirit realm became isolated and ignorant. In their greatest time of need, a hero rises as the first Defender in a thousand years. "Dagger" is what he is called, known as the Esper by legend. Can he resolve the differences between two separated realms? Will the secret which pushed them apart finally be revealed?


This untitled novel takes place before the story of Spirit World and after the conclusion of Blood Feud. The worlds are separated with nary an idea of the others' existence. The physical realm is a wasteland, a dead world where people live in underground caverns and citadels. A boy and a girl struggle to find their way in this forsaken world.


Several years after the conclusion of Spirit World, when the worlds are once more connected, a group of highly trained "RIDers" can enter the spirit realm via a high-tech machine. In their harmless exploits, they happen upon information which could end their civilization altogether.

.:Defenders of Laia:.

Laia is an ancient continent wrought by demons. In an effective imprisonment, each district of Laia is kept invisible from the others. Central Laia is inaccessible from all directions, and no parts of the great continent are able to connect. The tyranny is enforced by each district's Great Demon, each of which is supported by an army. At the head of it all, the strongest demon prepares to resurrect an ancient evil. These titles are tentative.

.:. Book One : Demon of Rage .:.

In a sleepy forest in Central Laia, Ryoku Dragontalen stumbles upon a plot involving the attempted murder of Ellithea's queen, the Light. Falling in among members of the hidden resistance, Ryoku learns a great and valuable lesson - that change is possible at his own hands.

.:. Book Two: Orchestra Sins .:.

Motivated by the revival of Central Laia, Ryoku joins the army in a mission to liberate the rest of Laia - starting with the West, ruled by the Great Demon of Envy, Bysoar.

.:. Book Three : Forest of Nightmares .:.

The war moves to the East, where Zgyruath's hordes of dark druids have lain siege to the endless woods.

.:. Book Four : War of Deceit .:.

In the South, Ryoku finds the lands to be in a very different state than previously believed - however, not all is what it seems.

.:. Book Five : Disillusioned .:.

The North is a tropical paradise. Or is it a battlefield lain with the bodies of helpless villagers? The Great Demon of Lust has the answer - the illusionist, Arramos.

.:. Book Six : The Last Tower .:.

After the five Great Demons have been defeated, the Glaciem Resistance set their sights on the mighty foe locked away in the northmost tower - Zagrof himself.

.:. Book Seven : Revelation .:.

With the eventual defeat of Zagrof, the painful truth is revealed - Feldaga rises from the slain bodies of the six most powerful demons. Can Ryoku still defeat this foe without the entirety of Laia at his back?

.:. Book Eight : Chaos .:.

Five years after the battle of Feldaga, a new sort of evil has begun to surface in Laia. Shadowhearts have returned, and this time they're stronger than ever before.

.:. Book Nine : Shadow Hero .:.

Ryoku and his friends face Complex Shadow, an organization seeking to sacrifice Laia in favor of the most fearsome monster on the planet.

.:. Book Ten : Desolation .:.

A final skirmish breaks out over the overall fate of not only Laia, but the world as we knew it.

.:. Bloodstone .:.

Long before the world we know today, the world was a different place. Once humans, elves, and dwarves lived on Earth together in harmony, until the dwarves came across a blood-red stone in the earth. Becoming obsessed, the dwarves fought to protect it, causing an all-out war between the races. With no choice left, the gods separated the three races. Elves were sent to a land in the sky. Humans remained on earth. Dwarves were sent to cavernous cities below the surface. And peace reigned for many years.

.:. Book One .:.

Lyric Lorrida is an elf training to be a swordsinger, a powerful class of magic sword-users alongside his friend Lars. But one day on their training, they come across an elf-woman being attacked by strange elves with dark magic. She carries the Bloodstone, being of the royal family sworn to protect it. Lyric and Lars get tangled up in her battle, as they realize their world has not been in peace. Elves who practiced dark magic became the first vampires, and they want the Bloodstone for themselves.

Bloodstone will be a 3 book series.


The tale of a girl wrongly accused of murdering her family, and her quest to find the true culprit. Stand-alone series, but ties in with the Akin Minds series.

.:Lost Legends: The Old Writings:.

The Lost Legends are a collection of my old works, written any time between pre-Akin Minds and my sixth grade.

Annastasia Excerpt from Defenders of Laia(1 Chapter)

"Pearls of Sin" Excerpt (DoL) (4 Chapters)

Defenders of Laia Version 0.1 (4 Chapters)

Defenders of Laia Book 8 Excerpt (1 Chapter)

Defenders of Laia Version 0.2 (19 Chapters, Complete)

Defenders of Laia Version 0.3 (14 Chapters, Complete)

Defenders of Laia: Lost Legends Intro (1 Chapter)

"Legacy Gun" Excerpt (LL) (4 Chapters)

"Last Shot" Excerpt (LL) (5 Chapters)

Defenders of Laia Book 1: First Whispers Excerpt (2 Chapters)

Akin Minds First Draft (53 scenes, 1 shy of complete)

Akin Minds Second Draft (15 scenes)

Akin Minds Third Draft (109 Scenes)

Akin Minds: Hierarchy of Lars First Draft

Kai Stele - A Look at the Past of the Lady's Man

Legendlore: First Draft

Sovereign Soul Excerpt: Ronyx

All of my stories are connected in ways, small or huge. Look for small interconnecting points in the stories, or simply look at the larger connections.

My Poems:

Blue and New Me are happier poems.

Pretend is not.

Tanka Attack 1 and Major Arcana Bussokusekikas are practices at certain types of poetry, and are probably the only real poems by format.

Writer, I don't know and Day 9,477 are written pieces about life dilemmas, depression, and suicide. I don't know follows a vague tempo but the other two do not.

Random Poetry is up to date (September 2018) with poems I have written as of late. Themes vary from love, hurt, suicide, comfort, and loneliness.

Any last notes:

Be warned - the information you see here is liable to change at any given time. I may alter the sequences of events, add/subtract a book onto a miniseries, add poems, or anything else that may be an extreme change. I will leave a note at the top from now on if anything has changed, to forewarn you. Also, be warned - I am lazy, and may 'forget' to update this, or a series may be stalled for weeks at a time.

.: Anthonymerc@ :.

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Sovereign Soul: The Serpent Empire
Working title. The sequel to Sovereign Soul: Akin Minds. After a scathing encounter with the fearsome emperor of Orden, Ryoku Dragontalen must regroup and grow stronger before time runs out.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 20 - Words: 108,698 - Updated: 7/11 - Published: 9/5/2019
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A young hero rises from the ashes of a timeless battle to follow the footsteps of his old self. Ryoku Dragontalen embarks on a journey shrouded with mystery and wrought with challenges in a changed spirit realm. Old friends are waiting to assist even as old enemies lie in wait. **Preview of the first two Acts of a published novel!
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A few poems I've written lately. Scattered themes between life, motivation, and love, possibly others,
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Lost Legends: The Old Writings
A collection of some of my old writings and excerpts from Defenders of Laia, Sovereign Soul series, and other works. Most are not in current continuity but some spoilers are possible. Lengths range from short excerpts to completed stories. Each is titled as a separate chapter within.
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NON-CANON. Ryoku and friends arrive in Fayzr on Christmas Eve to experience their wonderful winter festival. But does trouble still await them? Features characters from books 1&2 in a short side-story.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Friendship - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,970 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 12/25/2017 - Published: 12/20/2015
Day 9,477
Not a poem, but a short written piece about life. Take it as you will. It is personal and heartfelt, but I have written this for anyone going through depression, loss, or any tough point in their life. It may help. It may not.
Poetry: Life - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,341 - Published: 12/23/2017 - Complete
Akin Minds: Threads of the Immortals
Fourth installment to the Akin Minds series. After a harrowing encounter, Ryoku is sentenced to remain in the realm of the gods for six months, of which he may not escape at all. Meanwhile, Kai Stele sets out on the path to uncovering the mystery of the missing Defenders. Katiel begins to hunt the first members of the Devil's Hand. Will the Eternity Network remain at bay?
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Ten years after the events of Akin Minds, a new king rises with a powerful legacy: to rule the entire Spirit Realm.
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Defenders of Laia: Lost Legend
A possible alternate take on the epic Defenders of Laia. Ryoku Dragontalen is a villager in the secluded Norok Village when the world cannot ignore its dark lineage any further.
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The third installment of the Akin Minds series. After a dire battle with Ordeus, a member of the Eternity Network who hid in Orden, Ryoku must turn his sights to the second infiltrator of their vast network. Shadow Wizard Ricker, who posed as Chris Olestine and drove Ryoku straight to him. Meanwhile, new threats continue to rise and the state of the world is threatened.
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