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Che... Looks like I have to update this entire thing since some people didn't like the last layout...

By the way, guess what? Colab! That's what! Yes, I now have a collaborative account with one of my buddies! The account is called Gallendar! Stay posted on us!

All Right! Random Info About Me!

As shown by that thing at the top (points up), this is all about random info about me... Hmm...

Best and funnest ways to describe myself - Quiet... Loud!! Emo... SUNSHINY!!

Yeah... I'm bipolar. What of it?

Anyways, you probably don't know me. So let me tell you... I'm just sum randum azn dude that loves to write, is slightly religious, and loves to write. I'm bipolar, or at least I like to think so. Maybe I'm just half female, because I can (if I want) have massive mood swings(No Offense). I'm a guy. I'm a nerd. Not the nerdy kind of nerd, but still nerdy enough to be nerdier than you. So yea... I don't have a myspace or a facebook (Take that everyone that does!) because I'm too damn lazy to actually keep one. Damn people expect me to respond whenever I put something up... By the way, if you haven't gotten it by now, I'm lazy as L (and not the Death Note one. Just using L so I don't have to say H-E-L-L) Remember, I'm religious :D... Okay, I still swear, but c'mon!

And Now... Quotes... by Random People... By the Way, Sorry Random People, if I Have a Quote That's Yours, But I Don't Give You Due Credit... You Know, I'm Just That Kind of Lazy Guy That's Too Lazy to Actually Find Where I got Them And Post Them Up... Cause Like, What Do You Expect Me to Do? Search the Web Until I Find It? Screw That... You Go Search the Web...

"You don't need a reason to help people"

"Some people put up walls, not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to tear them down."

"You know you really love someone when they can alleviate your pain, even if they were the one that caused it."

"To be normal is to see the obvious, to be smart is to see everything but the obvious, to be a genius is to regain the ability to see the obvious."

"Find strength within yourself to achieve your dreams. If you follow others, you're bound for disappointment."

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