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What to say, what to say...

At the moment, I guess I don’t sound like much of a writer, but I can kind of half-promise that when i can actually be bothered, I can come up with some semi-decent stuff, so please, take it easy on me. (Especially since i have just come to the realisation that you can actually get a hangover without consuming alcohol. Interesting: Yes. Fun: NO)

As can be seen from the above statement/sentences/paragraph/whatever, I tend to rant. A lot. So expect some of those when writers block comes my way, which judging from my lack of interesting/sense-making 'Get-to-know-the-author' thing is quite often.

I can't exactly tell you what to expect, because my mind is so effed up that I dont even know what crazy S is going to come out of my mind. I will, however, tell you that:

a) I write from experience. Mostly. So any comments made are all, in fact, in good nature, and should not be taken as racial taunts (because that has happened before, and I had to calmly explain to the poor, young man that I was, in fact Lebanese, and the comments I made were in reference to my own family.) (Please don’t let it get to you. If it does, shout at me to turn it down a little)

b) Do NOT. AND I REPEAT DO NOT hassle me with screaming emails something along the lines of "Update NOW, in the next 30 seconds, you Mother F@# or I will bomb you." Do you have any idea how discouraging that is?? If you want me to shut down and not post for like a bazillion years, then by all means, go ahead. (Although, if that is actually your aim; make my life easier and TELL ME. Which brings me to…

c) If you have any constructive criticism, please, tell me, I will love you forever. In case you hadn’t already gathered, I’m not a professional, in fact, I’m anything BUT a pro, so please, help me so I can hopefully… help you? I don’t know. Contact me and we’ll figure something out :D

So, that’s it. That’s me. That’s all I think you need to know on this disgustingly sunny Monday morning. This page will, of course, be edited in the future. But for now, enjoy the me the you see when I’m hungover. Without alcohol. I swear.