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Disconnected: Nice girls don't get mad, we get even. (tagline says it all) in the year 2200 AD of earth, mankind has all but been swept away by three new races, the Maiar, which are similar ot men, the Catlarks, people with feline grace and features, and the Shagrats, ratmen of the underworld, a underground army for a sosical networking site known as RoPE. When a user is banned from RoPE, they are never heard from again, until two girls, the twin daughters of Chinas Emperor Caiin, Take the fight to the networking site.

Unlisted Numbers: Two men, a phone booth & a nuclear bomb theft result in so much mayhem nothing is the same anymore.

Shattered Peace: The world has changed, much that once was, is forgotten, for none now live who remember it. (This story is a prelude to Disconnected)

Path of Redemption: The Mutliverse has stories, this is one of them.

Kittens of Wu Tang; book 1, Ari's Journey. Ari a simple childofa feline family joins the school of Wu Tang, the feline appearing boy is taken in by another man at the temple to teach him and his sisters, but things rapidly fall a-part around Ari as he tries to be a good brother to his sisters and also make a path of fearlessness when the fight for survival begins for everyone at the temple. And who is the Dragon Girl? Why is everyone so secretive about her? Join Ari as he works to face his fear, and keep the legend of the Jade Bandit alive.

Kittens of Wu Tang; book 2, Knightmare's Flight, Knightmare and his wife Rosebud, are the parentsof Ari and his sisters, and are fleeing the law once more. This story focuses on these two during the Tang Dyansty of China as they flee the law from every corner of China until they come to the place they never thought they'd find, the Tempel of Wu Tang, and their children training there.

Kittens of Wu Tang; book 3, Black is White, Two elders at the temple of Wu Tang are felines like Ari and his family, they walk on two legs, intermix with humans, work and live with humans, but they also teach humans. Shadowfoot, and her husband Shifu Blackfur, teach both humans and felines at the temple of Wu Tang, and it is here that the Grand Master isrevealed tobe none other then the Dragon Girl, a woman no older then a young adult. The cat forms of Wu Tang have only begun the long and bloody battleof survival, and a heartbreak will hit close to home for Ari, who is still only a silver tabby kitten on ten years.

Kittens of Wu Tang; book 4, Silver and Black, Ari is 14 years old now, andfaces his greatest challenge yet when he goes against Wu Tangs worset enemy the Gre Shi sect of the south, it is uyp to Ari to lead the troops in battle, and bring them home. But can Ari cope with keeping his men and feline brothers alive when he has already lost one so close to him?

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Kittens of Wu Tang Ari's Journey
Book 1; the three siblingsofCatlarks join the Wu Tang sect to learn uinder the teaching of the Dragongirl, Ari's journey begins here, rated T for sensual themes and also language
Fiction: Historical - Rated: T - English - Drama/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,674 - Published: 3/31/2010
Nice girls don't get mad, they get even. Two girls are banned from a sosical networking site in the year 2200 AD. To survive in the new world, they must take their knowledge of what is really going on to the public. Before they are taken from the public.
Fiction: Thriller - Rated: M - English - Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,552 - Published: 9/25/2009