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Hello hello my darlings! For those of you interested in the authoress herself, please continue reading. For those interested in her fantastic creations, please scroll down, and find one that appeals to you.

Name: Miss Makiba. A pun on my actual name. Hoorah.

Age: Old enough, dammit. If you think you can guess, please indulge me and guess.

Hobbies: Writing fiction, writing fanfiction, reading fiction, reading fanfiction...and others

Favorite book/series/story: To this day, it is Single White Vampire by Lynsay Sands. Don't ask me why, but I read it once, and it never left my head.

Everything else you need to know: I have been writing stories for the majority of my life, some good, some bad. I am not insecure, I do have a huge ego, and yet I do admit I am not perfect. As such, I appreciate any constructive criticism regarding plots, phrasing, character development, and so on. My feelings will survive, I promise, so share both the good and the bad.

On that note, I tend to write slash. Read it: SLASH, of the non-band-member persuasion. While I dabble in other fields occasionally, this is the big one, meaning M/M stories abound here and on my other various accounts on various sites. Flames, while noticed, will not get any response other than a happy "Thank you for reading my warning. Signed, Miss Makiba."

I do NaNoWriMo every year, and have since it started. Sometimes I even win.

I do not do author notes except on the very rare occasion, because I hate them.

I cannot spell "occassionally" or "tomarrow." As you see these, this is how I would spell them. Everything else should be fine, but do let me know if spell checker missed any errors.

If there are any questions, please drop me a line.

And now, on to the fics.


The Couch Story: The shortest story I will ever write, pure fluff with some drama involved. It will have several one-shot sequels, all along a central theme. Written mainly for a friend, so similar stories will show up only on request.

The Couch Story reviews
When Michael Brooks, well behaved Catholic high schooler, finds himself dragged to a college party, he finds himself spending the evening with a pink-haired partier on a ratty makeout couch. M/M slash, but lightly. Romance/Humor, a novella. Sequel to come
Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Drama/Humor - Chapters: 4 - Words: 10,798 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 26 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 9/6/2008 - Published: 8/31/2008 - Complete