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11-11-2008: Hi. I'm Kelly. Welcome to my so-called "humble abode," and all that.

I'm a teenage girl, Twilight sucks, and werewolves pwn vampires. And that is all you need to know about me.

Oh, and let's not forget the fact that Murtagh and Remus Lupin pwn. Your. Face.

Kthxbai. ;D

About my stories (because yes, there /will/ be more stories, plural, in the future, after Hunter's Moon): I like both happy and sad endings - it depends on which kind fits the story. So expect both happy, sad, and in-between endings from my stories. :) That way, you'll all be pleasantly (hopefully pleasantly, anyway, and not unpleasantly) surprised. I hate it when stories have the most ridiculously cliched happy endings, no matter what. -cough-TWILIGHT-cough- (I mean, really; no one even died except that random Denali coven member nobody cares about, whose name started with an I - Irina, I think. Yeah. Irina.)


12-13-2008: I've decided to put more (about me) here. Don't ask why. :D

Best songs in the world (all youtubed for your viewing pleasure xP):

Ah W Noss, Nancy Ajram (Arabic)

Poison, Groove Coverage

Reden, Tokio Hotel (German)

Pain, Three Days Grace

Carnival, Twelve Girls Band (instrumental)

Shut Up and Let Me Go, The Ting Tings

Das Model, Kraftwerk (German)

Home, Three Days Grace

No Hay Igual, Nelly Furtado (Spanish)

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Mikey was in love and it killed him-a big bang and my best friend was blood and memories. Now, the new girl is flashing her star-spangled knickers at me as I look down the barrel of a fairy's gun. I guess the only thing to do is enjoy the ride - REMOVED
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Sarah Desen gets a lot more than she bargained for when she tries out for the high school cheerleading squad.
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